Photographer/Filmmaker located currently in the Fairfield,CT area.

check out my flickr for some of my favorites.

and youtube or vimeo sites to see some of my video

Canon 5d mark ii (love) gorgeous camera. build quality 100% full frame = unbeatable
Nikon d80 – another great camera, though its work with high iso and inability to shoot video has really steered me straight into the 5d more than not

Canon 16-35mm 2.8L- this lens is probably the best wide angle zoom on the market. SHARP and gorgeous contrast/color. This lens lives on my 5d
Canon 50mm 1.4 – Another great great lens. The build is much lighter than its L Series counterpart but the 1.4 really allows for some great shallow dof. For the price difference between L and this piece of glass i would have to do some serious thinking.
Canon 70-200mm 2.8L IS – Can’t say much about this lens that hasn’t already been said elsewhere.. a great pairing with the 16-35mm for any kit

vivitar 100mm 2.8 macro – great fun, got it cheap!
lensbaby composer – very dramatic
fujinon 135mm 2.8 – havent played with this much as i still need to sand it down to fit my 5d!

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officially have 11,111 profile views! / very cool to hit such a milestone 8} i thought i would share with all of you, and thank you too! / THANKS! :D
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New Bubble!

A friend of mine just joined us, make her feel welcome :) /
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more features

Yay! Hide and Seek was featured in the group. “the eyes have it” :D / and another feature in for the love of jesus group im racking em up lol
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Yay! my second feature. First ‘The Fire’ ( ) in the group ‘Soul Mates’ and now ‘Together’ ( ) in the group ‘All out emotion’ im so excited :D
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