So this is it…I’ve taken the plunge…no going back now….

So this is me, I’m Cazador…or Caz for short and I’ve finally taken the plunge into art after years of neglect and leaving my creative streak by the wayside. I’m pretty much into everything, Drawing, Photography, Writing you name it I have a liking for it and as a result my art will be put up here in no particular order and with caution thrown completely to the wind…

If you want to say hello, please do. If you like my “art” then let me know. Feedback is most welcome. Although keep your negitive comments to yourself if that’s your thing, thank you please :)

Anywho, enough with the intro for now…more to come later. Stay tuned ;)

Comments and feedback on my pictures would be great (they help me come up with new ideas), so if some of my pics made you laugh/cry/shoot coffee out your nose… please leave a comment :D

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