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Glasow, United Kingdom

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hello , i joined the incendia group today ; i use a lot of fractal
programs , but incendia is my favourite to date ! i haven’t really
been doing pictures with presentation in mind , but i’ll look out a
few to post on website for now until i’m more organised in that regard . i did send a couple of pictures via email to ‘aexion’ , i
later realised that one of them had been done on ‘mandlebubler’
- great start to get off to ! sorry ! so , i’ll get it right this time !
i’ve went through different stages with art , only taking it
seriously for about 10 yrs ; i was mainly into ‘wallpaper’ type patterns and op art which i would combine . i fluctuated between
drawing by hand + using programs like ‘photoshop’ ; i’ve been
aware of fractals for about 10 yrs , but have only been using
applications from 6 mnths / 1 yr . there’s always been a very high
standard with fractals on the web , and the same is true of the incendia group ; this is one of those fields where there is always
something to aim for ( other peoples pictures are always better than mine ! ). always something to aspire to !
i’d like to move into the 3d models side of things , and try my hand at composition , i do have a genuine preference for the abstract though and i think a good fractal stands out on it’s own well enough .
seasons greetings from sunny scotland .v.

  • Age: 49
  • Joined: December 2010