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I live beside beautiful lake Cootharaba in Boreen Point, Queensland, just fifteen minutes north of Noosa. The area is a rich bounty of beaches, rivers and glorious hinterland… truly beautiful. I feel blessed to live here.

My work is an eclectic mix of styles with an emphasis on contemporary abstract. A self taught mixed media artist, I predominantly work in acrylics including Printed Acrylic Skins. Printing, photography and collage provide relief from the intensity of my layered work and I love the immediacy of the camera as a tool to capture in seconds what could take me weeks to produce in the studio.

The main subject that drives me are shapes and patterns that convey a sense of movement, energy and place as well as garnishing images derived from nature to produce work that shares the very essence of it’s being. Thus I regard myself as an energist, I paint energy! ( currently this work is for private sale only)

I’m also passionate about Industrial Bins LOL! It’s hard for me to drive past one without stopping to take a photo. I get all excited like Sarah Jessica Parker drooling over the perfect pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. I see paintings in each and every one. If I can’t stop or don’t have my camera on me I’ll always go back another day.

Other topics are explored using print mediums, found papers, acrylic skins and repurposed clothing. Nothing is off limits! Colour is a reoccurring theme. Red, black and white predominate and unify my work as does colour intensity.

My Collage pieces are a combination of found papers, magazine or newspaper cut outs and ephemera I have collected over time. I’ll rifle through my collection until a particular piece catches my eye and then I will build around this. I prefer to work organically, trusting my intuition as I move through the different layers so that the subject morphs into its own identity. I’ll know it’s finished when it “sings” to me.

Inspiration is everywhere but I’m particularly drawn to patterns that convey a sense of energy/movement or vibration. For this reason I am highly influenced by Heinz Mack, Judy Watson and David Rankin who are all able to convey emotion through simplified yet meaningful imagery and a limited colour palette. If I am ever stuck for inspiration I will go on an Earth Walk

Out of all the art movements I greatly admire the Surrealists for their intelligence and wit.


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