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Instructions for this new format

As many of you now realize, RB has made some changes which are confusing and not very popular with the artists.
I wanted to explain what I have chosen to do with my works. When you bring up one of mine, you won’t see a comment page and may wonder how to comment of leave a feature banner.
Since this site is about selling, imagine if you were the customer looking at art and had to go through comments. Would you be likely to scroll down any further to see the products at the bottom? Probably not. For that reason, I wanted to keep my page short and sweet.
If you want to leave a comment, on the right side of the screen, you will see “About…and the title of your work”. Just click on that, and you can see the comment and description page.
If you’d like to hide yours as …

The Three Kinds of Friendships by Holley Gerth

I think if you’re like me, you’ve had friends come and go into your life and you may wonder why you drifted apart. There are those who God puts in our life for a certain season, they come and they will go for no apparent reason. Others God puts into our lives for a specific reason. And then others will stay around forever. Every relationship that God gives us is for a reason, a season or forever. Do you have any friendships like that who have just gone their own separate way and wonder why? It’s just as God has willed it to be. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

The Three Kinds of Friendships
Holley Gerth

Our lives are like paths and sometimes we walk parallel to each other. When th…

People are Messy by Rick Whitter

I believe this devotional is true of alot of us. We may think that being alone and doing anything we want is the secret to a long, happy life. But the truth is, it doesn’t. We were made for others, to interact and respond with people even if they irritate us. God made us to be in relationship with Himself and other people for a reason. Along with being disappointed, there is no greater joy than to experience life with other people. I pray this blesses you today. Viv

People are Messy
by Rick Whitter

Our community group discussed Proverbs 14 last week. One of the verses created quite a bit of conversation:

Proverbs 14:4 Without oxen a stable stays clean, but you need a strong ox for a large ha…

Nothing {Nope, Not Even THAT} Can Separate You from God’s Love

I think no matter how hard we try to live right and please God, we still fall short and end up feeling like we’ve failed Him. I know I sometimes feel that I am not accomplishing anything for the kingdom. But after reading this, I really appreciated what it said, ‘our job is to live loved!’. That’s pretty simple especially when God is the One who brings it all right at our doorstep. All we have to do is open it up and receive it! I hope this blesses you today. Viv

Nothing {Nope, Not Even THAT} Can Separate You from God’s Love
By Holley Gerth

I felt the tickle begin at the back of my throat. I silently told my body, “Fight back. You can’t get sick this week.” But by the ne…

Sold a card

I would like to thank the person who purchased a copy of this Textured Rose for a card. Your support means so very much to me!!! Thank you!!!

The Whole Picture by Jennifer Studio JRU

One thing I always need to remind myself of is that I am finite, I live in the moment, I can’t see what’s going to happen tomorrow, let alone in the very next minute. For some people, this may not be satisfactory, but when you know the infinite God Who created all things from the foundation of the world, you can learn to relax and trust that He has everything in control, all we need do is stop and listen and obey. One thing we can be sure of is this, when we harken to Him, we can know that it’s all going to work out just fine. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

The Whole Picture
by Jennifer Studio JRU

I’ve been busy painting in my studio, and I’ve noticed a reoccurring theme lately. I’ve …

Sold an iPhone case!

I am very happy to have sold this iphone case. I would like to thank the person who purchased it. Your support means alot to me! Thank you!

The Lord Directs Our Steps