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To Be Known by Margaret Manning

I like to share articles and things that can touch all of us in the name of humanity from time to time. I felt this article met that criteria very well. The main thing about these are I pray it makes you think, truly think about your life and the lives of others around you. Blessings, Viv

To Be Known
Margaret Manning

Several years ago, my late husband and I worked among the nameless homeless in Boston. Like so many other homeless individuals all around our country, they were merely faces in a crowd, a nuisance to be avoided, or simply another panhandler asking for money. One gentleman in particular, sprawled against a building in a self-induced alcohol coma became a fixture for me and the other passe…

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6 Universal Signs of a Healthy Relationship by Steve Arterbur

It’s true of any nationality, belief, color, race or creed, all people thrive from love, the honest, unfathomable love that comes deep from within their very being. For a Christian, we know that love is from Christ, for He is Love. But wherever you credit your love from coming, here are 6 healthy signs of a healthy relationship with others. It’s the same for everyone, it’s universal. I hope this blesses you today. Viv

6 Universal Signs of a Healthy Relationship
by Steve Arterburn

Leo Tolstoy opened his famous story Anna Karenina with one of the most quoted lines in literature: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

Let’s think a little about that. Is it…

It’s Okay to Call for Backup by Holly Gerth

The bible tells us that pride will destroy us. Jesus taught us about humility. When we can humble ourselves and ask others for advice or help will not only bless us, but others as well, this after all is God’s economy for blessing us all!!! Don’t hesitate to ask for help for anything, it doesn’t make you weak, it makes you smart! I hope this blesses you today. Viv

It’s Okay to Call for Backup
Holly Gerth

I recently picked up my phone in the middle of a wild week to text a friend about a lie that my heart kept hearing. Then I simply asked, “What’s the truth? I can’t come up with it right now.”

She wrote back and told me what I already knew deep inside but couldn’t quite recall in…

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What Can Free Us From Insecurity-Holley Gerth

This inspirational brings out something I think we all experience…insecurity. The best way to get over that is to take our eyes off of ourselves and put them on the Lord. He promises to bring us through every trial and storm, if we only just believe! I hope this blesses you today! Viv

What Can Free Us From Insecurity?
Holley Gerth

I wake to a tap-tap against glass, stumble bleary-eyed into the kitchen and ask my husband, “What’s that sound?”

He gestures to the small pane above our front door and says, “Robin.”

Sure enough, one of the lovely red-bellied birds that arrive in our area this time of year is pacing back and forth on a ledge, pecking relentlessly.

“This is crazy behavior,” I say to…

When You’re Afraid of Messing Up God’s Will by Holley Gerth

Being a Christian doesn’t mean being perfect. We all must step out of our comfort zone in order to learn new things and that might mean failing at some of them. That is not a sin!
Life is for living, and failure means growth and growth is exactly what God wants for His children. Don’t let the enemy keep you at a stand still. Take a deep breath, and put your right foot out and then keep stepping forward! I hope this blesses you today! Viv


When You’re Afraid of Messing Up God’s Will
Holley Gerth

Perfectionism is the great paralyzer. It tells us that we shouldn’t take a step, make a decision, or try anything new because it might not be just right. The basis of this for many believers is wha…

God Won’t Hurry Our Hearts by Holley Gerth

I don’t know about you but I am so thankful that our Lord does not tell us to hurry and grow up. Some of us seem to take longer than others but God is patient with each and every one of us. I hope this blesses you today! Viv

God Won’t Hurry Our Hearts
Holley Gerth

I stare out the window into the backyard. From my breakfast table I can see a robin fluffing out her feathers. The trees reach up to the sky with new leaves that wave good morning. A chubby squirrel gathers a few acorns to save for later. As I look, I realize the pace beyond my windows is so different than the one within them. We, as humans, are tempted to hurry. And yet it seems God is intent on slowing us down.

He gives us a Sabbath …