Farewell to a Bittersweet Year

As I look back on this past year, I can hardly fathom all that has transpired in a short 365 days.
My year started out last January with the best news I could ever have gotten when my son announced they were going to make me a grama. This was something I wasn’t sure I would ever see.
Then in February I experienced something that violated my family when I learned that my beloved pet of 6 years, my cat was poisoned for no reason only for shear hatred. My husband had been on unemployment since his surgery from an accident the previous year left him unable to work. It felt like our lives were closing in on us. Then to make matters worse, my sister who had been given a good report that the cancer she had was caught in time and had a high success rate. This was not the case. She went into the hos…

A Very Merry Christmas to all my Bubbler friends

I am sending this to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah and any other special celebration you may be recognizing this joyous time of year.
I want to thank you all for all your support and friendship this year and I pray it will be even better in the coming new year!
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Viv aka vigor

Have you seen Him?


This video depicts the true nature of Christ, the One true living God in which we celebrate ’Christ’mas.
Who is He really? Some say He was a good man, a good teacher, a prophet but just a man.

He was and is and is to come the Lord God Almighty. He is the Three in One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In the first part of the Old Testament He is referred to as ‘Elohim’.
This word in the Hebrew means the plural of gods, Supreme God, very great. He is the Creator of Heaven and Earth and everything in between. Before Him nothing existed.

Then after man was created, the word ‘LORD’ is used. This is translated in the Hebrew as “Jehovah”. Yeh-ho-vaw means, self existent or eternal. This is the name He was referred to once He developed relationship with man. The person of Christ is often called

Accessing older Bubble Mail

For some reason I can’t get to my older Bubble Mail to contact people on my list. When I hit the option ‘older’ on the bottom right hand, it won’t do anything. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem too? How can I get to my older list of contacts?

Can someone help me with camera information?

I am interested in buying a new camera. I would like the freedom of a point and shoot and also be able to use manual settings when I want to. I went online to look around and I came across a Nikon D1300 14 mpx with 3x optical lens. The ratings for this camera were pretty good and the price isn’t bad for what I can afford. Before I commit to getting one, can someone give me their opinion of this camera or maybe something else I can look at for about the same price and where I can find it on the internet? This camera I found is starting at $529.00.
Any constructive input would be greatly appreciated.

He's finally here!!!

For all of you who know that I have been waiting for my first grandchild to arrive, he made his grand entrance at 9:42 am this morning.
He came in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces and 22 inches long. After his mom was in labor since yesterday morning, they decided to take him C-section because he was in distress. He wasn’t breathing but thank the Lord, they finally heard that miracle cry and now he is doing just fine. I will post some pictures tomorrow when I go see him. Today I am letting them rest as they already have enough people there. I want to see him all by myself anyway!
Thank You dear Heavenly Father for delivering this baby safely into the world! Amen

Looking back on Irene

I had asked people to pray about Irene that was soon to hit the East coast. I said I believed that if God’s people would pray, He would intervene in some way.
I’m not saying this wasn’t a horrible hurricane because it was but it was coming in at a catagory 4 and by the next morning as it neared land it was down graded to a catagory 1. I can’t help but think what more damage would’ve been done if it hadn’t slowed down.
Tonight on the news I heard the newscaster say he didn’t know what happened but as it was about to hit the NY city limits, it quieted down substantially. I know what happened, God answered prayer!!!
My heart and prayers go out for the families of the 18 that were lost, one man who died rescuing a little boy from a power line, but thank God he was there to help another human be…

Prayer Warriors Needed

Today I was shaken up a bit when my entire room was shaking and the realized the whole trailer under my feet was vibrating. Minutes later I heard on the radio that it was an earthquake, a 5.9 on the rictor scale, never since the 1800’s has one this bad hit this area. I live in Pennsylvania so it was a total shock for me to say the least. I am reminded of all the catastrophes that have been happening all around the world and they seem to be getting bigger and alot worse.
I just can’t help but think how this is all prophesied as the end of days, the time before the judgement of God on the world.
I don’t think that it’s God who sends them as He is not a vengeful God that wants to hurt us. There is another god of the earth who does love to see destruction among people and his name is Satan. G…

Thank you for these permanent features!

Once again Lynne has blown me away with her collection of works. This one is called ‘going for gold’. Please check it out here I am honored once more to have been chosen for this permanent page.

It’s also an honor to be on the permanent feature page for Artist’s Universe for this piece.

I sure could use a co host!!!

I recently learned that Marie Sharp the host of Inspirational cards had to leave suddenly and this left me to host this group all alone. I didn’t want to let the group go as I feel it’s a very worthwhile group with a lot of wonder works coming in. But, since I do host a few other groups as well, I am looking for a co host who wouldn’t mind doing some moderations, features and running challenges with me. Please check this group out here If you are interested pleas reach me via Bubble Mail.
I look forward to hearing from you!!!
God bless!

Who Do You Say I Am?

I received this email today and I thought just how great this was and wanted to share this. As a Christian, I have been referred to as being “Holier than thou”-does anyone really know what this means? I have been called a “Bible thumper”, why because I study the word of God? I have been accused of living in a fantasy world. Is this because I have faith in something and don’t fall for everything?
Let me assure you that nothing can be further from the truth. When you live in the power of the Holy Spirit you start to understand this world so much better. But for those who aren’t alive in their spirit only see things through mortal eyes and understanding. This is only false evidence appearing real, which is nothing more than fear.
True Christ followers understand what this walk of faith real…

Honored to be on Permanent Page

Please stop by here and check out the features called “Morning Glory” on the High Quality Permanent feature page. These images are fantastic.
I am honored to have been chosen as one among them with this work. The funny thing is, this edit was rather from choosing the wrong filter but as it turned out, I liked the results better than how it is normally done. Guess that’s how we learn and grow!

Thank you for all your prayers

Last week I announced that due to my husband’s unemployment being cut I would no longer be able to afford my internet and hopefully wouldn’t be gone too long. I had so many wonderful people comment and offer prayers for our situation.…

It’s now with great pleasure I can now say this isn’t going to happen! Even though he was told all unemployment was being discontinued, he received a letter this weekend saying he was still going to receive his next emergency level! I can only give God the glory as the world’s system is not the one to care about the welfare of people, but it is God’s business to show us we are never alone or forsaken. He made this all possible and I have to thank you all for your prayers, as there is power in prayer and He does answer them!

It is with much heartfelt thanks t

Time to Move On

To all my Bubble friends…and there are so many of you!!!
It is with great sadness and heartache that things just didn’t turn out the way I had hoped. As of this morning Carl was told that all emergency funding for unemployment has been lifted as the economy is back up. Really? But, even if it were, we are still stuck as he is disabled and applying for disability. Even if he does get it in record time, it’s still going to be at least another 6 months. And of course the court date for our settlement from the accident that left him disabled can take a couple years. Which leaves us with next to nothing to live on. So, it’s time to tighten the belt some more and do some more downsizing which includes my internet.
It’s hard to imagine not seeing all your beautiful works and making new friends as…

Many Humble Thanks for These May Sales!

I would like to thank the person who purchased The Horseman greeting card. Thanks you so much for your support of my work!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the person who purchased this print of Amber Waves as a greeting card.

I'll Be Back

Some of you know that things have been changing in my life and it’s time to move on. Everything has had a domino effect ever since January 2009 when my husband had surgery on his neck after an auto accident that resulted in pain and numbness in his arm and fingers. He agreed to have surgery to correct it but afterwards it made his condition worse. He could no longer work his heavy equipment driving job at the local coal mine. He has now lost over 75% of his muscle mass in his right arm and can’t use it much.
In the meantime his insurance got dropped and he couldn’t afford to get the MRI that the surgeon wanted. Without insurance, the dr. wouldn’t even see him. We hired a lawyer to represent us in this case. They arranged for him to get an MRI and see another neurologist who said this surg…

See you next week

I know I owe alot of you comments on your work and I will get back to adding them next week.
This weekend I will not be around as my sister’s memorial service is Sunday and I know I will finally have closure.
For any features I am to do on Monday, I will do them, they just might be a little late.
Thanks for all your support and understanding.
Until Monday, be blessed!

Thank you for all your prayers

I want to thank so many of you who have been praying for my sister Helen during her battle with cancer. As God would have it, He wants her to be with Him and they will be removing her respirator tomorrow as there is nothing more they can do.
You can read the dedication I made for her here

I am sorry for not responding to all of you and I will get caught up later next week. Thank you again and may God bless all of you,

Pick of the Week!!!

Viv has grown so much since the day I started this group and I am so happy to choose this as image of the week.
To be able to learn is a wonderful thing and I am so happy that I have been able to inspire and help my members along and Viv has done just that.
Viv you are an inspiration yourself and the rest of the group.!

Has Anyone Heard from Munggo aka Steve Lewis?

I have come to enjoy Steve’s friendship last year and have been missing him here on the Bubble since after Christmas. I can’t find his page anymore and I’m wondering if anyone has heard anything from him?
Wherever you are my friend, may God bless you and keep you!

New Group "Just for you"

Jean aka jeanlphotos and I just launched a group together. It’s called “Just for You”
click here
We thought it would be a great way to promote more friendships here on the Bubble. This is a group for all dedicated works to other Red Bubble friends. We hope you will stop by and join in the fun.
If we don’t know you now, we hope to get to know you in the future!
Here’s to many friendships being made!
We thank you for your support!

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