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The Gift of Grace

Devotional by Dayspring

The Gift of Grace

Jesus Is Full Of Grace

For it is by grace you have been saved,
through faith – and this not from yourselves,
it is the gift of God.
Ephesians 2:8

One Thousand Gifts
- An Invitation to Thankfulness -

It was a dare, like a love dare of sorts, and I take it one clear November morning. It is the beginning of list season. Lists of holiday menus, handmade projects, have-to-buys.

She dares me, and I don’t blink. Could I write a list of a thousand things I love? I read her line again. To name one thousand blessings – one thousand gifts – is that what she means?

I grab a scrap paper and flip it over. Across the backside, on a whim, a dare, I scratch it down: Gift List. Not of gifts I want to buy but of gifts I already have.
Every year I get a little more disgusted with the commercialism of Christmas, or is that the holiday that no one is allowed to say “Christmas”? Think about it, if it weren’t for Christ, there would be no reason to celebrate in the first place. So to try and take Him out of the reason for the season, would be like taking lead out of a pencil, it just would have no point!
The whole idea of celebrating Christmas to draw our attention to the love gift that God sent for all mankind to have salvation. Now whether or not you have received it in your heart, you are still free to recognize the meaning. Christmas is not about “Me” and what I want to get but this is what it has become. The spirit of giving and the spirit of love comes from God and this is the spirit we are to celebrate Christmas. To know Christ Jesus and the value of His gift that He died to give the world is surely a time to be thankful for that gift that He freely gave to us and after all, isn’t the gift of eternal life worth more than any other gift you could ever receive or hope to get?
May we learn to slow down and give thanks to the One Who gave His all for us. This is the true meaning of Christmas. I pray we can all be an extension of His hands and feet and remember those who are in dire need today. You’ll be surprised how wonderful it will make you feel to help someone in need. Now that is a gift you can’t put a price tag on!!
Merry Christmas!!


  • cherylc1
    cherylc1almost 2 years ago

    Well said!!!

  • Thank you hon!

    – vigor

  • Penny Rinker
    Penny Rinkeralmost 2 years ago

    Well said Viv! The way Christmas has been commercialized is sickening. I see it more and more becoming about what gift to buy and the stress of all of it and less and less of Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Luke 2

  • It also sickens me too the gluttony of all those shoppers pushing eachother around.

    – vigor

  • JohnDSmith
    JohnDSmithalmost 2 years ago

    Merry Christmas Viv,…..
    The true meaning of Christmas is lost in the world of Me,Me,Me,….They had record sales on Thanksgiving Day,…..If people would stay home with their families,….The stores would not open,….But, everything in this world they wish to blame it on the stores,….
    If you give love without a price tag on it,…..That`s the best gift of all.

  • Well said John, and so true!!! You don’t find me out on Thanksgiving day shopping or the day after for that matter!

    – vigor

  • sarnia2
    sarnia2almost 2 years ago

    I remember a time ,as a kid, where from Late Christmas eve till at least two days after Boxing Day, you would not have found a shop open. There were Christmas Eve services, a Christmas Day morning service and we would attend.
    Commercialism wasn’t a huge thing like it is today.
    Christ was still in ‘Christ’ mas.
    Over the years it has lost it;s true meaning yet I would say I have certainly seen a difference in the way people talk about Chistmas pending. People are not wanting to participate in the commercial run-up of spend, spend, spend because no longer can they afford to do so…which in way, is not a bad thing, as it is pointing people to consider what the true meaning behind the festive season is.
    We can give gifts to one another without being financially foolish; we can share family time without getting comatose through what folk call a ‘booze-up.
    Maybe, just maybe, within this economic downturn which is striking folk down into poverty, that Bethlehem star that pointed to Jesus’ birth will shine again and folk will see it this year in place of being blinded by all the past commercialism that has ravaged the shopping malls year after year.
    I pray that many will put Christ back into Christmas and not be deterred by calling the festive season Christmas in place of ‘happy holiday.’
    After all He truly is the Reason for the Season and Hope in a hopeless world.

  • I remember the midnight Christmas Eve services and the quiet hush with the snow gently falling as a child, what a special time!!!

    – vigor

  • Kathleen Struckle
    Kathleen Strucklealmost 2 years ago

    Very well done Viv.

  • Thank you Kathy!

    – vigor

  • bluecrystal93
    bluecrystal93almost 2 years ago

    Nice work! May our Lord Jesus Christ put His blessings upon you!