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Hope When You Feel Like Running…by Holley Gerth

Maybe some of you are feeling this way right now. I sure do understand what it’s like to feel weak and strong at the same time. Life can sometimes drain us and we almost feel like surrendering but that would be too easy. When you know Christ, surrendering to obstacles are never an option. Let go and let Him catch you and take over the steering wheel. He will get you exactly where you need to be! I hope this blesses you!

Hope When You Feel Like Running…
Holley Gerth

My feet hit the pavement and tears blur my eyes. I can’t even find the words to express how I’m feeling. I don’t know how to explain what my heart needs. I’m not even sure how to pray.

So I run.

I’m not running away from something.

I’m running to Someone.

With every step I’m declaring in the only way I know how…

I will press on.

I will not give up.

I will be victorious.

I still believe You have good things ahead for me.

By time I’m finished, every part of me aches more than before. Except my heart. I feel weaker and stronger. Broken and whole. Weary and renewed.

Maybe you won’t literally lace up your tennis shoes today but we can all find a way to run as we start a new week. To say with our lives, “I’m going to take one more step and then another and then another until I get through this.”

You and Jesus can do it, friend. And I’m cheering you on. “Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us” {Hebrews 12:1}.


Holley Gerth

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