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IT’S NOT HOW WE START IT’S HOW WE FINISH-inspirational by God Vine

One thing I am learning is true is that God is faithful to those who trust in Him. In this life we will all have our trials and many of them will be unfair. What do you do when someone falsely accuses you? The world’s way is to solve it themselves, with revenge or some other pay back. The problem with that is it never leads to anything good, someone will always get hurt. I have learned to trust in the Lord to fight my battles for me through prayer. My wish is not to harm the person who has hurt me but to pray for them and lead them to a sense of shame for their actions so they will change their ways. This is how it’s done in God’s economy and when He fights our battles we can be sure they will be finished and have a good ending. My conscience is free of bringing harm on someone. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I pray this encourages you today. Blessings, Viv

“Lead me, O LORD, in your righteousness because of my enemies; make your way straight before me.” – Psalms 5:8

Follow the path the Lord lays before you – His way is always the best way and He will never lead you astray. :)


It’s not how we start it’s how we finish
That lets others know how much we care.
We make our mistakes and pray to God
For all His blessings beyond compare.

God and Satan both whisper to every ear
For they know our soul control our passions.
The outcomes of life both joyful and sad
Teach which voice rewards or rations.

All Heaven’s heroes except for Jesus and Daniel
Had to be forgiven for their willingness to stray.
They let God down and paid the price
And their stories still relate today.


Lord let me be more like Thee
Through challenge, difficulty and demands.
Let life’s trials drive me to my knees
For I’m eager to obey Your commands.

Let me receive Your wisdom, power and strength
To overcome life’s troubles, heartbreak and displeasures.
Teach me the right path that I should follow
To acquire Your grace, forgiveness and treasures.

Allow me to hear Your voice preach to my soul
Which overrules Satins dominance, control and blame.
Let me be more than just a self-centered fool
Free from dishonor, wickedness, hatred and shame.

Lord please prepare me to set Heaven’s example
For all who fail to make it through life on their own.
So they may rejoice and discover Your grace
As the seeds of Your love and understanding are sown.

~Tom Zart

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