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How do we prepare for something as sudden as Christ’s appearing? One way is to anticipate it.

And Suddenly…

What goes through your head when you hear the word, “suddenly”?

It is well with my soul

Whoever said that doing good brings about good? Many good people suffer. / What can a person of great faith do to counter-attack the ill f…

Just Tell Someone

Always tell someone how you feel about them; you will feel much better when they know and you’ll both be happy.

Lifted in Prayer

Why does Christ command us to love our enemies and pray for them?

Let the Race Begin for 2011

This race I’m running is not the human ‘rat’ race as so many would describe it, mine is the race towards the goal which i…

What Christmas Means to Me

It’s Christmas Eve day and I am reflecting upon this day and the reason we celebrate Christmas.

What Does Christmas Mean to God?

What is it about Christmas that makes people appear to be in the ‘spirit’ of things?

Thank – Full

Thanksgiving should also be a time of filling up on the blessings that God has bestowed upon us during the year.

Election Day November 2nd 2010

Voting for the Christian is a duty of stewardship. We must uphold the godly morals and fight to keep them.

Been thinking about…(4)

I am free from law and can live my life with a peace and inner joy because I am now under Grace.

Been thinking about…(3)

“Do good and good will come to you.” This sounds good, and it even sounds biblical, but it’s not!!!

Been thinking about…(2)

What happens when bad things happen to good people? First of all, on my own I am not a good person. I am only good because of who I am in C…

The Nature of Things

God the Creator did everything for a reason. And He gave man a conscience, an inner voice to tell us that He is with us.

Been thinking about…

With the bombing on 9-11 already behind us, I have been thinking about this Pastor Jones that we all have heard about. He was prepared to b…

A Red Bubble Interview

I’ve been spotlighted, quizzed, interrogated, had my brains picked and my innermost thoughts extracted. So here’s “The Skinny”

To Follow or Not to Follow That is the Question

Sometimes when we mess up, we don’t get a second chance. Not so with Jesus, He always allows U turns!

Here Comes the Bride

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, then you would know as the bridal march begins to play that everyone stands to show respect for the bride…

Faith in Fifteen Minutes

Oh to live with no more fear from the enemy who seeks only to steal, kill and destroy! / What is your life worth today?

Man of Sorrows

When Christ said “It is finished” He meant just that. If you have a relationship with the Lord today, you are no longer under c…

What is Truth?

What false doctrine has kept you from the truth of God’s word?

Why would anyone care?

God promised He would never again destroy the earth with a flood. The next time He said it would be by fire. But how much weight can we giv…

After Anticipation Then What?

God is very serious when He warns us to be prepared and anticipate His return. He is patiently waiting for as many who will come to Him to …

What Kind of Love is This?

Having nothing now, I was forced to live in a shell of a hut, finding my life to be in a shambles. If anything could go wrong, it certainly…

Are you on or off the wagon?

She was sitting in her humble abode when a knock came at her door. She rose to answer it thinking that she wasn’t expecting any company or …

Key to Prosperity

The key to prosperity is Jesus! Take that key and open up your heart to inherit eternal salvation and gain prosperity through trusting in H…

What lies beyond the lie?

As any fairy tale begins, this one takes place in a far away land of enchantment, good and evil, truth and lies. It’s the opposing issues t…

Please don’t shoot the messenger

What exactly is “hiding behind a veil of faith”? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

The Resurrection and the Life

She introduced herself to me. “My name is Mary, Mary Magdalene.” I recognized her name, she was the one who faithfully followed the Lord Je…
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