Walking along a line of symmetry

Programs used:
UltraFractal 5.03
Photoshop cs2 with plug in Kaleidoscope 2.1 from Mehdi
Picasa 3

I started off with the original image, ‘catch a rainbow’. This image was created in UF5.03.
I then opened the image in photoshop and applied the plug in to the image. I was at this point looking for an image that I could use as a mirror image for another challegne. I produced 4 versions of mirrored images, with a 2 petal setting in Kaleidoscope 2.1. At this point the images were still in landscape format.
The next thing I did was to change the mirror images into a square format, then I produced a series of kaleioscopes from each of the 4 images.
I hope this will be acceptable as it has landscape format to start with, but you did ask for the process, so I think it should be ok. One of the text slides is in the wrong place, I don’t know when that happened as it was correct when I made the video, but I do notice with ‘Picasa’ things can jump around a bit. Never used it before so this is all experimental.

viennablue – may 19 2010

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