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Hello to all!!

Welcome to my RB Profile Page!

Here you’ll find a lot of things I love and enjoy about photography. I’ve been taking pictures all my life and bought my very own Panasonic Lumix DCM-FS30 4 years ago to help me capture those special moments!

More recently I have purchased a slightly bigger camera… This one is a Canon EOS 550D – it takes wonderful pictures, of clouds mainly and other aspects like landscapes. Though I always turn to my lovely Lumix for the scenes and effects, I enjoy using it very much!

All I can say is, to those who have visited this profile, commented and who I have made friends with, I thank you all so much for your continued support!!!! I appreciate each and every comment I get and I am so thankful for all the features I’ve received since I’ve been a member here (3 and a half years) with over 300 features, over 450 photographs and over 176,000 views!!!!

Hello to any new visitors to my profile! I hope you enjoy my view of the world!

Don’t be afraid to chat to me! I am a friendly person and I am here to support my fellow artists and make friends! :)

Best Wishes
x x x

Oh P.S. Please check out my friends profiles and websites! Well worth a look!

Perggals – Artist, photographer and jewellery maker – Her Facebook Page

Hannah Taylor – An animal portrait artist – Her Facebook Page and her second page where she doodles and sketches – Espy Art

My pictures do not belong to the public domain. All images in this gallery are owned by me and © copyrighted, All Rights Reserved. I’d like to thank you for respecting that.

Please DO NOT “pin” my images on Pinterest or any other image sharing site. All of these images are © copyrighted by me – Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography).

Special Feature in Tiny Creatures In Macro 19/04/13
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Please help me afford Heather's lyme treatment

Please help me afford Heather’s lyme treatment / Please either share or donate what you can for Heather’s Lyme treatment!! / It costs thousands to afford the medication Heather needs to recover from Lyme Disease. Your $5 would go a long way!! / If you can’t even donate $1, then please share this post with your friends! / For those who are on Facebook, please get involved and Suc…
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To celebrate my 150 likes, here is my new promo discount code for Fine Art America!! / DISCOUNT CODE – XUUHHV for 15% off and there are only 10 available!! / The code is available from today (14/10/14) until 30/10/14. /
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September Features!! :)

03/09/14 / Don’t Look So Sad / / On The Look Out / / Evening Branch / / 04/09/14 / Evening Branch / / 06/09/14 / Horse and Cart / / Evening Branch / / 12/09/14 / Pigeon Silhouette / / 14/09/14 / Snack Time / This is an unusually large cage… / / Stroking A Gentle Giant / / Evening Branch / / Overlooking Limnos / / 17/09/14 / Stroking A Gentle Giant / / CAMPER VA…
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Visiting Canada!!!!! :)

Two weeks today…… I will be meeting Heather King for the first time!! / I am very excited!!!!! / My first trip to Canada and I get to spend a week with such a fabulous person!!! / Just FYI for any other bubblers in the area of Ottawa, would love to meet up with you guys too!! / Soon to be hugging Heather for the first time gets me all teary and I know I will be…… Love you …
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