I Studied for a degree in History and Archaeology at the University of Bangor. During my studies I became unwell. This changed my attitude in many ways but most importantly it taught me to see the beauty around me. This combined with the beautiful scenery and the nature of my studies gave me a real appreciation for my surroundings – and so developed my love of landscape.

I left university with a passion for photography. Since that time I have never wanted to put my camera down. I’m always striving for that perfect picture and pushing myself to become a better photographer. I’m also still an archaeologist at heart so I want to record everything before it is lost – knowing that the landscape is constantly evolving, different colours, different light. I like to think that I am recording a moment in our time that won’t be seen in the same way ever again.

My website is: www.victoriaashmanphotography.co.uk

Thankyou so much for viewing and commenting on my work.

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Woo hoo! I’ve reached a 1000 views! Thankyou to everyone that has viewed and commented on my work. It means a great deal. / I have been so inspired by the great talent on red bubble. It is a wonderful community that has given me the extra courage I need to pursue my dreams – a career in photography. / Thanks again.
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