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The Clearing © Vicki Ferrari Photography
More Inspiration & Thoughts & Motivation & Smoke & Incense

Losing one self clears ourselves for something LARGER…. I really like this saying. To me, it means that you never lose anything, there is always something new around the corner, something larger, something that will inspire us to grow as human beings, not just as men or women, but to become better people, living in this universe, on our planet, in our world… Another way to put this is (that I find rather amusing! Mind you, easily amused! :)) : If you want a new lounge or sofa to put in your house, in a particular room, you need to get rid of the old one! Hey this can also apply to thoughts too! (now, where did I put that mallet again?!!) Hope you get more than a laugh from this! I just did!! :) Thank YOU so much for viewing and please feel free to leave a comment if you can relate to this in any way! Would love to hear it!

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  • adgray
    adgrayalmost 5 years ago

    OH GOD! AGAIN!!! STOP THIS!!! lol

    I have a TINY house! every corner is full every wall taken up every inch of floor space in use and every surface fights to be clear!
    I wanted a 4 bedroom house – I saw it I knew I could work it I knew it would have fitted me!
    It had 4 bedrooms, it had a huge lockable double garage and a big back yard and a shady patio with BBQ. It had a massive kitchen and pantry and a massive laundry! It even had air conditioning!
    I didn’t get that house – my brother [Buying house for me to rent] didn’t want to pay the extra $2k for it above this house. That house was not renovated – this house was, that house was not painted this house was, that house needed the roof done eventually this house had just had it’s roof done
    That house was not pretty this house was!

    They bought me this house ….
    I dream of that house!

    This house has no usable space this house only has 3 bedrooms this house has no laundry and no storage
    This house has a handkerchief back yard and a larger front garden that is never used! This house has NO garage, This house is exposed to the wind rain and blistering sun!
    This house has no air-conditioning or insulation and needs to be cleaned every day or it looks like crap!
    This house is further from all the amenities and has no parking space other than a single carport exposed to the street
    This house though pretty has needed it’s toilet, oven & kitchen sinks replaced and the stove repaired, this house needed the termites eradicated and a tree removed and fences replaced! My bedroom in this house is 2 meters from the street – a busy street at school times and park times and dog walking times. I never open my blinds and I only go in there to sleep!

    BUT this house has a pretty bathroom that I spend maybe 5mins a day in
    and now I have to make this house swell at least 3 extra rooms!

    and I have to be grateful for beggars can’t be choosers
    But oh for all they have spent on this house that house would have been so much better!

    Perhaps I should move?
    or convince my brother that renovating would be a great investment – lift the brand new roof and add 3 more rooms, build a large brick shed behind the tiny carport with another room on top of it and perhaps a back veranda and a side pergola into some of the unused front garden!
    Mick is itching to dig out a cellar underneath!
    I want a home! I’m so tired of making do!

    hmmm – I have a book or two ……..
    best I start finishing that polishing for the publisher who is waiting!

    I think I am suitably lost! lol
    Chookas! ♥

  • LOLOLOL! Addy, breathe…… lol!!! You are a classic!! You always put such a smile on my face!! :)) Good luck with your publisher, I don’t believe that you will need any luck at all!!! :))

    – Vicki Ferrari

  • Joy Watson
    Joy Watsonalmost 5 years ago

    Excellent Vicki

  • Thanks Joy! :)

    – Vicki Ferrari

  • laureenr
    laureenralmost 5 years ago

    Very true Vicki, it’s all about change and never seeing it as loss, but always as gain.

  • It is nice when you find a saying that rings so true!!! :)) (but I can’t remember if a friend said this to me, or I said it, or I read it!! I just had it written down on the many pieces of paper that I write things down on!! oopps!! :)

    – Vicki Ferrari

  • terugvanver
    terugvanveralmost 5 years ago

    nice work, love the flow

  • Thank you Henk!! :))

    – Vicki Ferrari

  • Susan Bergstrom
    Susan Bergstromalmost 5 years ago

    Soooo True..and just getting a chuckle from your friend “adgray”…LOL!

  • Thanks Susan, my one-day coffee friend!! and yes, Addy is a bit (or a lot!) of a character!! She has me in stitches a lot!! :))) Glad you could relate to the quote!! Vxo

    – Vicki Ferrari

  • Wendy  Slee
    Wendy Sleealmost 5 years ago

    so true!
    (and beautifully presented as only you can!)

  • Oh Wendy, how much I appreciate your comment! And I hope to catch up soon! Take care!! If I give myself a crew cut, do you think it will grow back a different colour? Or will it still be the same boring old floral lounge, tattered and grey?!!! Ah-hah – a wig!!!! :))) Vicki xox

    – Vicki Ferrari

  • Trish Woodford
    Trish Woodfordalmost 5 years ago

    Very inspirational and true Vicki. I read a quote the other day that I love from Alexander Graham Bell (of all people, I thought it would be by a wise monk lol) – something like:
    ’When one door closes…. another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us" – how true, love it! Thought it related, but again it is late and I may be rambling :)))

  • Thanks Trish and yes, that is very very apt – same meaning, different quote!! And you never ramble, you wise woman! :))

    – Vicki Ferrari

  • karentillotson
    karentillotsonalmost 5 years ago

    Aaaah Vicki…I am a collector of great quotes…so I really love what you’ve done here. Nice thing about getting older has actually lived through enough experiences that these words truly mean something and “hit home”. Which brings me to another quote…“Youth is wasted on the young”….

  • Ooh, I am very late and I am very sorry – can I use a good excuse like being old, perhaps!!!? :)) Only kidding, still feel young, just my brain plays up!! And my knees! Shhhh…. we are young!! And I have been busy too! It seems to happen sometimes! I am really glad you like these Karen!! Go SoulSistah! :))

    – Vicki Ferrari

  • karentillotson
    karentillotsonalmost 5 years ago

    Haha….no worries, soul sistah!!! Life is meant to be lived…so you are definitely forgiven, you silly goose.

  • Going to the optometrist on Monday too! That might help!! Lately, the computer seems to really hurt my eyes! (too much computer, doesn’t help either, aye?!!) :)))

    – Vicki Ferrari

  • Vicki Ferrari
    Vicki Ferrarialmost 3 years ago

    Losing one self clears ourselves for something LARGER….
    (see narrative for more explanation!)


    More Inspiration & Thoughts & Motivation & Smoke & Incense

    Vicki Ferrari 15th August 2011

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