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Photography found me a few years ago and I found, in turn, that photography and writing are two of my biggest passions in this world.

I am focused on distilling the essence of New York City and other places around the world into distinctive visual remnants that resonate in a variety of ways. I am endlessly haunted by a sense of saudade and sehnsucht as I travel: a deep longing for a place that is unidentifiable but somehow familiar and indicative of what could be identified as home. I am on a neve-rending quest to attempt to imbue my photography with this complex notion of nostalgic longing.

Additionally, I am inspired by all of the things that different places symbolize for people and I try to examine and delve into these enduring symbols with my photography.

A small portion of my photography work is posted to my photography blog:

Through the Lens – Photography by Vivienne Gucwa

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