BRB ..... off to the beach for a while

After being more off than on RB for the past few months (which sadly coincided with me not using the camera for that time as well), I just got back to RB about a week back … and now I’m off again. Thankfully just on a short holiday (with camera).

Hope to get some nice sea-side shots …. but seeing this (see image below), I’m not getting my hopes up (who am I kidding – I have all fingers and toes crossed on there being no rain!)

I’m heading to the place that is covered with all that white stuff on the west coast of India :-(

In any case – Goa is fun whatever the weather …. see you next week sometime.




  • Ben Loveday
    Ben Lovedayabout 4 years ago

    Looks like a rainy beach holiday! Have a great time Vikram. Hope to meet you in Goa one day- we have a standing invite to stay with a local family.

  • wigs
    wigsabout 4 years ago

    enjoy and have fun….. I’m sure the sun will be out more than in and you’ll have the best time anyway remember there is no such thing as a fair weather photographer…. lol :)

  • rosson1
    rosson1about 4 years ago

    You lucky fella!!! Have a ball mate:))

  • Johanne Brunet
    Johanne Brunetabout 4 years ago

    Have a great time, my friend, and let’s see what kind of stormy, moody, ominous skyscapes you will bring back on your memory cards! :-)

  • LOL – I just got the stormiest pic up!!

    – Vikram Franklin

  • Appel
    Appelabout 4 years ago

    Have a wonderful time!! Will be looking forward to your return and your pics! :-)

  • mttmaliha
    mttmalihaabout 4 years ago

    Have a terrific trip, Vikram! Weather be darned— bring us back good stuff ;-)

  • simoneb
    simonebabout 4 years ago

    Have a great time my friend!! :) xo

  • ClannTreud
    ClannTreudabout 4 years ago

    I am jealous here!!…I hope you freeze your nuts off and come back with some great work.
    Good luck to you.