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Fort Lauderdale, United States

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I want your honest opinion.

At the end of today I will be ordering custom business cards.

What do you think of this designer card for my online website/business.

More info, less info? I don’t want my personal information (home address, name) incase the cards fall in the wrong hands. But I do want to promote promote promote. Plus I wanted to card to accurately portray my art at a glance…

Ug, what do you guy think?

I read your comments and I’m so thankful for having such a great community here willing to help!

I love my card now and I will be ordering prints locally so that I can get them quickly (There is an event coming up that I will need it for) Thanks so much everyone!



    BLYTHARTover 3 years ago

    Tastefully designed.

  • Thanks Blythart!

    – Vestque

  • Thunderfox
    Thunderfoxover 3 years ago

    Perfect the way it is buddy. Looks awesome! Especially with the cute doll with the stare that looks at you and tells you she’s gonna suck your soul out through your left nostril with a giant two-man corkscrew with a tube attached that sends it directly to the Underworld. >.<
    So, yeah, its awesome. :D
    PS: that was my opinion (no offence) >.<"

  • Thanks so much, exactly what I was going for :D!Hahaha

    – Vestque

  • manimalee
    manimaleeover 3 years ago

    have you tried moo cards? ( ) you can upload loads of images and have your info printed on the back leaving you with a mini folio in your business card wallet. Its also a great way to find out what type of work people like as you will find people choose the card because of the image. In a networking senario it adds interest in your work as people spend a little more time looking at your work.
    you dont really need to add personal address but make sure your contact number is available 24/7 I would how ever use your name on your card its you who they are wanting work from. Im guessing your not a company with lots of employess, however if you are put your name and position in the company. Business cards are for sharing and they get passed around, so Im wondering what the wrongs hands are. if your worried about people phoning you randomly or spamming email a way to avoid this is to be selective on who you give them too. alot of it is trust and experience. To be really honest Ive had cards out for years and never had hassle. look at it this way it takes a second to delete a message or hang up. If you find your getting alot of unsolicited calls that are wasting your time contact your phone company they do have ways of finding out who’s making the calls and they normally do more than just tell them off. Remember the cards are a representation of you and what you do Name, email, number,website are really important if people have to do alot of work to contact you they wont bother, they will go to the next card.
    hope that helps


  • manimalee
    manimaleeover 3 years ago
    Just thought … Redbubble if your reading this why dont you print business cards? and yes Ill take commision on that idea lol
  • hahpistuff
    hahpistuffover 3 years ago

    i LOVE it!!

  • Yay, thanks Shannon, they will be coming your way soon ;)!

    – Vestque

  • BlueKnot
    BlueKnotover 3 years ago

    Great design, only two minor quibbles:

    1) Leave off the word “Contact:”. If they don’t know what to do with an email address, you don’t want to do business with them. ;-) Also, move the URL down to where ‘Contact’ was, the left edge of the text is too close to the face of the artwork.

    I like how the title (Vestque Creations) is in a different font from the rest of the text – Classy & Casual. However, the rest of the text appears bolder and brighter than the title; the sharp lines of the title almost melt into the art. Suggest increasing the overall title font size until the sides of the “U” are as bold as the rest of the text.

  • Excellent advice, fiddling with it now! Thanks so much Dan

    – Vestque

  • Lionel Tosan
    Lionel Tosanover 3 years ago

    It is good, I like it. Now, maybe you can do one less dark, as you like.

  • Haha, I’ll fiddle with it, thanks Lionel!

    – Vestque

  • BGlatzeder
    BGlatzederover 3 years ago

    Intuitively, I like it. A business card is something which (is supposed to) represents you, so the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with it. It should speak for you if you can’t be there in person and i think it’s perfectly ok to state your terms of service (as in this case “contact via email only”) … How it’s made up visually depends on your target market – so if anyone who is not interested in your style of work anyway comes and tells you any professional b/card should have a street address on it, well erm honey, i think you know what I mean ;-) x

  • Exactly. I don’t want anything connected to my house. I share the phone and live with my parents. So it’s almost less professional to leave contact information that’s not mine, lol. If they’re interested all they have to do is email, then if it goes further I will hand out my personal information on a need to know bases. You feel me :)

    – Vestque

    ROUBLE RUSTover 3 years ago

    OMG Exactly what Dan wrote for starters.
    - You don’t need to write ‘Contact’
    - Place your web link lower, in the ‘Contact’ line
    - The text of your name is lighter than the rest. Make it bold or un bold the rest text.
    Also I think all the text (expect your name) needs to be smaller (at least 2 pt for the currect) and in my humble opinion, the font needs to change!!! It looks like Comic Sans or something which is not good for any ‘business’ card (in other words it looks quite childish). It may look better with something more pro, like Garamond or Century Gothic. But then again, if you can get lighter or thiner text of the current one it might be just fine as well.
    Overall though, its really wonderful. Great job on cropping, colours and comp :)

  • Thanks for the advice, I’ve changed my fonts now quite a bit now. I’ll give you the sneak peak! :P

    – Vestque

  • manimalee
    manimaleeover 3 years ago

    Just in case you do order from if you use this code youll get 30% off ANK88Q
    by the way this can be used by anyone :)
    happy new year


  • Thanks so much for the advice, and the coupon code! I think is something I’ll need to grow into, but I can definitely see the applications! (I am particularly fond of the minicards) :D Thanks again!

    – Vestque