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Scammer! Beware of "linda001my"

I didn’t know this sort of thing happened on the bubble.

I just received an email from a person named linda001my

This is the Email:

Now for those that don’t know these sort of scams, their called 419, or Advance Fee scams. You can find out more about them here:

I don’t know if this is a normal occurrence at redbubble, but it certainly has never happened to me before here. I am infuriated that this sort of behavior exists on this fine website. Of course I immediately reported the email, but I knew I had to let everyone know.

Even though this is a well known scam, for every few that know, there will be others that don’t know and can be fooled. These scams work, thats why people do them. So I thought you should all be informed of at least this one Scammer. Hopefully everyone can be educated about this sort of thing, and not fall for these lies.

Thank you for your time.



  • hahpistuff
    hahpistuffover 6 years ago

    your link doesnt work hon :(

  • Ok, Backslashes were messing the links up since their off the site, working now, just c and p

    – Vestque

  • Jaybe
    Jaybeover 6 years ago

    Neither of the links are working Vestque. Can you explain a bit more please?

  • The links are off of Rb so the / were messing them up, Fixed them, will have to C and P the old fashioned way. Hopefully the 419 link will answer any questions

    – Vestque

  • peter
    peterover 6 years ago

    We take a very dim view of this and the account has been suspended while we follow up.

  • Oh thats great! Thanks so much. She is up to no good!

    – Vestque

  • frozenfa
    frozenfaover 6 years ago

    what’s happening.. as in what does it do?

  • Here, I just sent this as an email, but I’ll put it here too for others:

    It’s an email that essentially asks for you to send funds in one form or another. They draw you in with a promise that you will receive a large amount of money and help the girl. However, in the end it is you that will loose a large sum of money from dealing with them. It’s sort of complicated and different people doing differently, but in the end it’s all the same. They promise you cash and a chance to help someone in need. People fall for it because they believe they can be the girl’s hero and help her and her family by doing something as simple as opening a bank account and helping with the transfer of money. I would never fall for this (There was a MSNBC speical on tv at one point, so I know all about it) but I know there are people that do. I hope that helps.


    – Vestque

  • frozenfa
    frozenfaover 6 years ago

    yesh, it really helps! thank you so much, Vestque! =D

    KEITH R. WILL...over 6 years ago

    thanks vestique always good to know

  • NP, I agree, just wanted to get the information out there

    – Vestque

  • Midori Furze
    Midori Furzeover 6 years ago

    Hey, I got the Bmail form linda001my too!!!
    I wonder redbubble will send a warning to everyone.

  • A rb guy already mentioned that her account has been suspended. That should keep her from sending more emails and spamming this place up. frown

    – Vestque

  • Midori Furze
    Midori Furzeover 6 years ago

    Thank you soooooooooooooo much, Vestque!!!
    Love you!!

  • Violet
    Violetover 6 years ago

    Thanks for the heads up Vestque, those people are just sad. I’ve gotten them in my email before but never on redbubble. Hmm I hope this doesn’t start a trend, I have to filter by blog’s comments because I get 20-30 spams a day. Bleh!

  • Definitely! I’ve gotten a few through email, and I’ve seen it on other social websites. But although this website is social, it’s also a professional business website. We earn money here. I don’t want this place mixed up with that foolishness. A trend here would be disastrous.

    – Vestque

  • © Karin  Taylor
    © Karin Taylorover 6 years ago

    thx for the heads up vestque … i didn’t receive anything as yet, but now i’m in the know :D

  • Definitely ^^

    – Vestque