Magnetic poetry by Vesna * Winter Art by Vesna *


A purposeful imperfection / Inviting and Warm.

Upon your return

I can see it all / In your smile, / Upon your return.


Falling gently to kiss your toes

Life feels alive

Sun touched the horizon / Setting sky on fire
Life feels alive by Vesna * Surprisingly Good Day by Vesna *


Nothing can match that Beauty / Feeling complete


It is / as good as it gets / driving into Sunset


we become poised for greatness / once we actually learn to see
Days are getting shorter... by Vesna *


or / is it just a sparkle, / an invitation to imagination? / oh / how I love your smile


are we the candle / or / are we the light?

Another place

it’s one of those days / we need to go / to another place


They appear like A and Z / or two flat heavy bars, simply. / I am fascinated by the bookends…

One more

Imagine / One more word
Life by Vesna *


It feels good just to feel / Immersed, free from why
Picture Perfect by Vesna *


heartfelt, unbroken
Mississippi River Sunset by Vesna *

Noble silence

our words are dancing, / so is our silence.
In Love with Light by Vesna * Melting by Vesna * What do you see? by Vesna * Cloudy day by Vesna * Winter by Vesna *


It’s timeless, her kindness, / my openness, / life’s lightness.
The past by Vesna *


I would love to hold your hand / Just before you start to play

New moon

the water slowly found the way


An idea gained a momentum.


From the petal of a dream / I fell off

Venus de Milo

Now is now darling, / you’re killing me softly with your words.
We, the trees by Vesna * White Heart by Vesna *


I am present in your presence / ALL of me is turned ON.
Verde que te quiero verde by Vesna * At The Gallery by Vesna *

Defying Gravity

Brushing the Moon and the deep Sky, / Into the Gold background I fly.
Who, where, how, when, why? by Vesna * Ice Age by Vesna *

Never stop

we are the movement

A new piece

Togetherness. / Two golden pieces become one.

Sand on my feet

My mind, be the bridge / between the continents, the centuries, the celestial secrets. / Be strong.

Morning Spirit

Awakening / As a spirit.
By The Road by Vesna * Water park by Vesna *

Cloud talk

it’s a sweet surprise / I like the way you hold your lips / soft on top of mine
Enlighted by Vesna *

Where Do I Begin

Where do I begin / If not from the end?


That’s how it feels / when we watch silver ripples on the lake / and Sun is brushing strokes of gold on our backs.
Miles by Vesna *

Ever so slightly

Ever so slightly, / life is kissing us and we learn to kiss back

You find Love

You find Love / Again, again in your heart

A dream of you (illustrated)

You are different / Distant, attractive yet unattainable / Like a sailing ship at the horizon

Universe Unbuttoned

waiting / maybe / for somebody / to unbutton the sky

Between the parentheses

Everything that five senses can offer / I would put now between the parentheses / (.)

Kiss in the heart

Once found, / I know, / diamond’s shine will be warm / like a kiss in the heart.

What’s cooking

We’ll be smiling, walking, loving / Music will be flowing freely / Peeling grapes, making cocktails / We’ll be cooking happine…
Feeling content by Vesna *

Body language

Hands / Storytellers / Look at them / as they point out / short and long stories / all over the body / Layers and layers of eventful, mean…

A kiss to build a dream on

Soft Petals of Fire

A Dream of You

Here, on the other side of things / Where the dreams gather to rest / I met a Dream of You

A Dream of a Rose

There is Beach Morning Glory there / and you are Queen everywhere

Lingering Dream

I recognize your importance / I give you a name and a place in my Life / I am ready to listen and watch


An equilibrium / Competing forces at peace / A big conundrum

An apple

I cherish the question / I eat all possible answers


I feel good that he takes care of us / us, with speckles in the eye / not golden / but blue / or green


her eyes are like / an indigo wildflower / painted, timeless

Smoke signals

a big white cloud will linger in the air / people will see it and they will say / “look, it’s a sign”


Poetry pulsing through our palms

A kiss

a kiss changed all


it’s a new journey / between the title and the ending / life reminiscing
Discoveries by Vesna * Pebbles by Vesna *

meeting with a friend

ten million smiles / on the ten million points of grass / are dancing towards you

Free spirit

I met a girl / her hair is black and long / her eyes are dark and warm

Of all the things

Of all the things / I choose / Choices that are being born / While we are asleep / Protected, togethered, deep
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