At your fingertips

Your touch / In all its simplicity / is the most powerful thing, / It creates the feeling.


It may be impossible

A kiss

A kiss / A memory of / the future experience / not fully formed

A better way

I have walked that path before


oh yes! / I just love the sound of / perhaps

One word

Sobriedad, he said. / What a way to live.
Moss by Vesna ©

’Round Midnight

So, / Stay. / I say / To Yesterday. / But no, it doesn’t really work that way.

For you

I hope for some kind of miracle / Unfolding / Once the connection is made


Home is warm. / It hums / Good Mornings.

Subway Station Sound

I wonder
Toronto in May, bluetified by Vesna ©

Feathery kind of day

and giggles / like a feather

To be human

how beautiful: / to be / human

88 keys

You can do as you please / But don’t miss / To surrender to the magic of 88 keys

Morning inspiration

Stretched between two dots in the Milky way / Elastic by necessity / Floating aimlessly / Fooled by gravity / Dreaming about a River / Ho…
Feeling Blue by Vesna ©

Hand in hand

Especially / I like to trace / your green and blue.

Stop making sense

A Suggestion to Stop Making Sense: / or rather, / to Love. / And here we are.
Warm hearts by Vesna © Wallflower by Vesna ©


But I am wishing even more / to say hello / when I see you again


and the sky started to blush


Allow yourself to see further and wider. / You may see a new slant. / Wouldn’t that be a day well spent?


Leaves and Lantern Loving Light by Vesna ©

A Couple of Things

Consider a couple of things: / There’s so much more to life than it seems. / Believe in the power of Dreams.


So much to be gained / In this ripple effect / When present tense is so inTense




I couldn’t keep up, / I was running out of air. / Then you came out of silence, / With your unique sound. / We helped each other to k…

River runs through us

If we dare to approach

I will give you my afternoon

It’s light and beautiful, / maybe like a big red balloon…


This is where you find me, / between back and forth, to and fro, / inhaling poetry.


Anticipation is great but prelude is so patient, / not letting the petals to open too soon.

Full Flower Moon

Feel the Earth’s pulse
Magnetic poetry by Vesna © Winter Art by Vesna ©


A purposeful imperfection / Inviting and Warm.

Upon your return

I can see it all / In your smile, / Upon your return.


Falling gently to kiss your toes

Life feels alive

Sun touched the horizon / Setting sky on fire
Life feels alive by Vesna © Surprisingly Good Day by Vesna ©


Nothing can match that Beauty / Feeling complete

Driving into Sunset

It is / as good as it gets / driving into Sunset


we become poised for greatness / once we actually learn to see
Days are getting shorter... by Vesna ©


or / is it just a sparkle, / an invitation to imagination? / oh / how I love your smile


are we the candle / or / are we the light?

Another place

it’s one of those days / we need to go / to another place


They appear like A and Z / or two flat heavy bars, simply. / I am fascinated by the bookends…

One more

Imagine / One more word
Life by Vesna ©


It feels good just to feel / Immersed, free from why
Picture Perfect by Vesna ©


heartfelt, unbroken
Mississippi River Sunset by Vesna ©

Noble silence

our words are dancing, / so is our silence.
In Love with Light by Vesna © Melting by Vesna © What do you see? by Vesna © Cloudy day by Vesna © Winter by Vesna ©


It’s timeless, her kindness, / my openness, / life’s lightness.
The past by Vesna ©


I would love to hold your hand / Just before you start to play

New moon

the water slowly found the way


An idea gained a momentum.


From the petal of a dream / I fell off

Venus de Milo

Now is now darling, / you’re killing me softly with your words.
We, the trees by Vesna © White Heart by Vesna ©


I am present in your presence / ALL of me is turned ON.
Verde que te quiero verde by Vesna © At The Gallery by Vesna ©

Defying Gravity

Brushing the Moon and the deep Sky, / Into the Gold background I fly.
Who, where, how, when, why? by Vesna © Ice Age by Vesna ©

Never stop

we are the movement

A new piece

Togetherness. / Two golden pieces become one.
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