Clooney Meets, Clooney Terrace, Derry by George Row

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Clooney Meets, Clooney Terrace, Derry by 

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This 360° panoramic image was shot on Clooney Terrace in The Waterside area of Derry.

I grew up in this part of town in the 1960s. At that time, this street and beyond it, Spencer Road, provided the main shopping area on this side of the river Foyle. Now most of the local retail activity is in edge-of-town shopping centres at Lisnagelvin and Cresent Link. Nevertheless the butcher’s shop, “Clooney Meats” and Ruth Bigger’s opticians remain prominent among the businesses still active on Clooney Terrace.

Across the road at a branch of the Ulster Bank you can see several images of the same people as they wait, withdraw cash and walk away.

The photographer’s tripod was positioned at the top of the steps that lead down to Bonds Hill.

There is another panorama here of All Saints Church
. It was assembled from the same set of original shots. They differ only in the final rendering via Stereographic projection. I think that they make an interesting pair.


          This image is also available as part of a calendar
                        Panoramic views of Ireland      

Techie Photographic Detail
The panoramas were created by combining 27 separate digital photographs covering every angle and with bracketed exposures.

The source images were shot on a Canon EOS 5d DSLR with a 16mm fisheye lens and stitched and blended together using Hugin, a free open source program.

Because of the way it was created this is a very high resolution images (the equivalent of about 40-megapixels). It is capable of delivering very fine detail even when printed at massive sizes.

I have written a short journal entry introducing the method by which these panoramas are created, it is called:
“Creating a Stereographic Panorama – the Basic Idea”



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This will look great using the maximum framed print size here on Red Bubble – 16 inch print in a frame about 22 inches square. Or you could go for their Poster-print service at about 33 inches, and get that framed elsewhere.

I have three sets of panoramas here:

        Donegal           Derry
      The Aran Islands  


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  • peterellison
    peterellisonover 4 years ago

    I have to say George, I love all these 360 degree images. The images produced by you are of a very high standard.
    I would like to do some, but the cost of a trypod leveler and Manfrotto pano head is just too much.
    Back to this image, it is awesome and the blue sky has added to the ‘small planet’ effect.

  • Peter,
    Thanks for the kind words!

    Yes Manfrotto are pricey and the panoramic camera mounts from many of the manufacturers can be crazy prices.

    I use a very basic L-shaped hunk of steel with a couple of slide-able bolts from Kaidan – sadly they seem to have ceased trading … :-(

    However, there are other budget solutions. There is the old reliable DIY approach . In fact there are several sets of plans, doing the rounds, such as this one and this very fancy wooden one

    Also Nodal Ninja are pricey but not totally outrageous. The affordable solution, so long as your camera and lens are not too heavy, is the Panosaurus – I have a good friend who shoots the occasional panorama who speaks highly of her Panosaurus and gets great results with it using a Canon EOS450D+8mm Russian fish-eye lens.

    If tempted – do check that it can cope with the weight of your camera+lens combination …

    On software I have tried several different stitching programs but the software I have come to rely on is a) FREE b) available for several different platforms (Windows, Linux, Apple Mac) and c) while it can’t do the impossible and unravel parallax error it is a lot more tolerant of slight quirks of camera leveling etc.
    It is called Hugin

    – George Row

  • Lea Valley Photographic
    Lea Valley Pho...over 4 years ago

    Once again, stunning work… :)

  • Agnes McGuinness
    Agnes McGuinnessover 4 years ago

    Who would have thought Clooney Terrace could have looked so magical. Like Peter, I love the blue sky in this. Agnes xx

  • Agnes – and Richard,
    Thank you.
    As for the blue sky … yes it was shot on one of the few gloriously sunny days at the start of last summer.

    – George Row

  • peterellison
    peterellisonover 4 years ago

    Thank you for the information.
    It is of great help!

  • Polly x
    Polly xover 4 years ago


  • Lenka
    Lenkaover 4 years ago

    Great panorama! The red house (with the colour repeated on the car) makes it for me :)

  • Lenka, Thank you. Yes – I was drawn to the view initially because of the “red house” that you mention. It is a butcher’s shop – you can see the shop sign “Clooney Meats” … and hence my title “Clooney Meets”

    – George Row

  • terezadelpilar~ art & architecture
    terezadelpilar...over 4 years ago

    fabulous work!

  • Martina Fagan
    Martina Faganover 4 years ago

    many thanks from
    Tina & Fino

  • LisaBeth
    LisaBethover 4 years ago

    i did vote :)) and here it is such a turbulance… fantatic digital work! Lisa

  • thv73
    thv73over 4 years ago

    I find this one very graphic because of its edges…

    I’ve just been through your gallery and I am just amazed by your work… It was like traveling in a galaxy full of small inhabited or wild planets! You’d deserve an exhibition or a book or something. This is a real talent that you have to be able to make such images, based on the same principle but all so different. Bravo Monsieur!

  • Thierry, Thank you for all the positive comments. It is the sort of feedback that helps motivate me! :-)

    – George Row

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