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Dear Diary.....I am me again!

Dear Diary…..I am me again!…

After a few months on the lamb from the Bubble I have made a triumphant return. I am finally back home in Canada after travelling around Australia, New Zeland and Thai Land and have set up shop in my parents basement like a common troll.

Oh ya and did i mention that i am working at a local pizza join for some cash? As quickly as the novelty of living with my parents at the age of 24 wore off my creative dam burst onto my blank photoshop page.

As fun as travelling was, the only thing i didn’t like was not being able to stay in the same place long enough to get any of my ideas out of my head and onto the page. But it did give me alot of time to think of ideas and how to exacute them wich in turn made the creation of “post mortem” possible.

I finally have my scann

It's been a while since i last bubbled

It has been many moons since i last bubble around, mainly because i no longer reside in Mebourne, i have moved on to thailand!…and along my journys i have come up with many ideas, so many in fact that there is a whole pocket in my backpack fillede with scribbles on little pieces of paper,napkins,beer bottle lables and chunks of my cigarette package, but alas i have no time to sit down and exacute them and transform them from jumbled picturtes in my head to a lovley clean document in photoshop…..soon enough tho…

Thanks to everyone that has actually paid money for my work it truley blows my mind that someone would like my stuff enough to shell our some cash for it eventho its only 3$ hehe. it really means alot. and I will continue to turn out some new peices but it might have to wait till im

Sorry I'm Late Jim...

At long last I have completed another piece for my Bubble…now i have a wopping 5!, slowly but shirly im building it up. But i guess its really about quality not quanitity. well lets hope that i have at least one of these by the time I leave Melbourne. Its only been in the last year that i have really holmed my photoshop skills and found a style thats all my own..i hope.…

When I take a step back and look at the 5 orb6 peices i have done I can see some unifying elements yet they are all different and distinctive in their own way. I dont want to become a artist that is constantly chaising to re-create one or 2 peices that are great. Much like the one hit wonders of the music industry. I dont want a smash hit single i want a record (or in this case a portfolio) that you dont mind listening to

Woman!....Wheres my Super suit?!

Ahh I love Tuesdays… I get payed and I have Wednesdays off…

Needles to say I made a investment in a slab of Carlton draft, and curled up with some DVD’s. Me and my mate Wes relived a old sleeper from the late 90’s..does anybody remember a movie called “The Frightners” , with our old buddie M. J, fox , directed by Peter Jackson and the score was done by the same dude that did “BeatleJuice’s” music. And i must say it was pretty good. I remember seeing it when it first came out. but not since. So it was totaly worth it to revist.

At the crack of 1pm the next moring we managed to make our way to see the “PIXAR 20yrs of animation” exhibit at the ACMI. it was pretty killer but not really worth the 15$ for its size. but im still glad i went. and there were free movies going on too. Then we topped

The pressure is on...

Wow thanks everyone for all your comments, it lets me know that I must be doing something right. i just wish i could pump out more then one of these pieces every couple months.. but i guess things like this cant be rushed, and im extreamly pleased to hear that all the time I have spent on them hasnt gone unnoticed. I have already started schemeing up another one so keep your eyes peeled (as grose as that sounds). and the pressure is on now that im floating around on some “watch lists”.


A big day for Verne

The time….11:35pm on saturday night…

While all my friends are out drinking I seize this opportunity to put the finishing touches on my latest creation. I crack the top on a Ice cold Carliton draft, read the trivia on the cap and add it to the stack so it can be with its 5 other friends.

I have been working on this thing over the coarse of the last month and a half at work in complete secrecy at the office during work time. mainly becasue my laptop keeps crashing everytime I try to alter something in this 1Gig file. I can tell its finaly finished becasue i can stare at it on the screen and nothing is bothering me about it. After nudging a few objects left or right and adding my boarder..i sit back and bask in its glory. I guess the real test will be in the morning when im sober and well res

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