evolution of language - da change in da words

Wat hs Bcome of 2dys language?

Is it a diffrnt langage? Or da evolushion of a nu one?

da pace an da tech of da world round us hs made us chnge our language.
On ya mobile its ‘B hme n 15’, we has lost our vowels? They is da first part of our laungage that’s goin bust. Is it tht mch hrdr 2 pt in da vwls? Wtf? How lazy r we?

Da dawn of MSN, FB, Flickr, youtube has killd our laungage even more. If da other ppl can undastand what we r sayin then wats tha problem? Everythings abbrviated; lol, pwnd, rofl, roflmao, brb, hwru, we speak in numbrs; 2day, m8, any1, b4…

and well grammar n punktuashion? Wtf is that!!! Is that like a privte skewl or some shit? We is addin in wrds that dont need to be in there, we stff up our sentnce strctre, we aint usin the write tenses, we aint not usin dble negatvs…we is usin 3 dotty things stead of jst strting a nu centence with 1 n a capital letta aftawards

Them daamm hip hop, R&B and rappa dudes is changing da way we speek as wel. For shizzle my nizzle, wtfizzle is da poizzle in talkizzlin like dis? ‘Yeah nigga hommy, be bustin muh moves and chillaxin in da hood with muh bitches an muh dogs’

Lts nt evn start on splling cos dats just a waste of muh time!?!?

Has all this, then, given us a different language? Or has our language just evolved with the needs of society? The English language itself was born from many influences over time, so do we fight this war to keep our language as it is or let it takes its own path? I leave the answer up to you.

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evolution of language - da change in da words by 

This is a question i have pondered on a lot,
do we still speak ‘english’


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  • macquaid
    macquaidabout 5 years ago

    And this too shall pass.the basic language is hard to kill,but easy to wound.As long as you keep on using the language in it’s true form it will survive it is up to you.Regards.

  • you are very correct in saying that,
    yet only time will tell how our language and communication evolve

    thankyou for your comment

    – veritasunsaid

  • nnimus3
    nnimus3about 5 years ago

    don’cha be dissin’, I reckon hip hop is an avenue for positive exploration of this amazing language.

    But yes… I agree wholeheartedly.

  • Coronus
    Coronusalmost 5 years ago

    It shall be interesting to see where the English language is heading.

    HWÆT, WE GAR-DEna in geardagum,
    þeodcyninga þrym gefrunon,
    hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon!
    oft Scyld Scefing sceaþena þreatum,
    monegum mægþum meodosetla ofteah,
    egsode eorlas, syððanærest wearð
    feasceaft funden; he þæs frofre gebad,
    weox under wolcnum weorðmyndum þah,
    oð þæt him æghwylc ymbsittendra
    ofer hronrade hyran scolde,
    gomban gyldan; þæt wæs god cyning!
    Ðæm eafera wæs æfter cenned
    geong in geardum, þone God sende
    folce to frofre; fyrenðearfe ongeat,
    þe hie ær drugon aldorlease
    lange hwile; him þæs Liffrea,
    wuldres Wealdend woroldare forgeaf,
    Beowulf wæs breme - blæd wide sprang—-
    Scyldes eafera Scedelandum in.
    Swa sceal geong guma gode gewyrcean,
    fromum feohgiftumon fæder bearme,

    Above is Old English – see how the English we currently speak has mutated? This was due to Latin, Greek and French words wedging their way into our vocab.

  • veritasunsaid
    veritasunsaidalmost 5 years ago

    ah yes, true old english. I would love to learn the true old english language, maybe some day i will, but for now i will simply enjoy the wonderful vocabulary we already have
    Thanks for that Jono!!! its appreciated

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