I am V
welcome to my world
come in
walk around
read through my mind
feel what i feel
and see life through my eyes
if just for a few minutes

I am anything you want
But nothing what you expect

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Its no suprise

Why is it that when my heart is heavy I come back here? / Ive lost more control than ever but I am far more moderated! / I’m tired of looking inside; and outside is not much better / caught like a rat in a crowded city square, more like a ghost. / I can hide in the bustling mass, / but nothing exists / good to be back?
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A journal, A poem and a moment

Writing / is / brilliant. / Each piece stands to represent / a thought / a day / a reflection / a memory / all concrete to the moment / but dynamic in eternity / a moment is but nothing in eternity / a moment in a moment is forever
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I'm Not 'Cool'

A rant: / Judge me at your own peril / If there is such a thing as a ‘normal’ person / i am definitely not that / call me an emo / call me a jock / call me a bogan / call me a redneck / call me a lover / call me a fighter / call me a vampire, / a unicorn, / a used up has been / a never will / call me stupid and uncool / if you want / i dont care!! / i will write if i want / i will d…
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