I am a cross media visual artist who likes to play with words, colours, pixels and molecules… More specifically, I work in video art, filmmaking, painting, illustration, writing, and graphic design.

I work as a freelance media artist through my business Verb Studios and I am also the Art Director and Co-Editor of Undergrowth.org, an online media channel which I co-founded with writer Rak Razam in 2004. In 2009 we published our eighth anthology The Journeybook (http://www.thejourneybook.com), a collection of art & writing on altered states of consciousness and psychedelic shamanism which has been sold throughout Australia and the US.

I regularly exhibit my paintings and print my writing through the Undergrowth books and magazines, and a regular blog on Nomadology, a collective portal for gypsy tales and literary ruminations on the nature of travel. My films have been screened in festivals in Australia and internationally.

I currently live and work in Darwin, Australia.

See more of my work at http://www.undergrowth.org/user/verb

  • Joined: April 2009

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