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Thank you :-)

To all the buyers of my stuff……
I have had quite a few sales of late…..t-shirts, stickers, greeting cards and even a canvas print.
I would like to say

You have no idea how happy these sales make me……
I hope your items look awesome when they arrive.

Love you

I have sold several John Lennon tees

this one has sold in black and white also

and as a sticker

and I’ve also sold a Warhol sticker

also some sunflower stickers

and to continue the Lennon theme I have sold a tee and a sticker of this:

And very excitingly this one

And greeting cards

Once again THANKS


  • Bec Schopen
    Bec Schopenover 3 years ago

    That is just so so wonderful for you, I am not surprised as your images are very cool and i would imagine very marketable. I love how you mind works or should I say how your creativity works. Congrats!

  • Bec … are so very very kind…..what lovely things you say. I actually often think my work is not very marketable…..even my kids say “mum, you’re wierd”….lol. That’s why I am so greteful to those wonderful people such as yourself who “get” me. Your own work is so very beautiful that I would find it difficult to believe if you didn’t have a lot of fans.
    hugs and kisses to you

    – VenusOak