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Men don't think with their brains in NY.

Ben Korvix -, sitting at his desk, an everyday thing. As normal in answering the phone, it was a constant thing for him, it came naturally to talk to these people; clients. Ben worked for a large advertising company in Harlem, New York. Charming young man in his mid-twenties, ear length blond hair shimmered in the sun’s constant daytime rays. Eyes a ravishing shade of emerald. Dangling from one ear was a onyx encrusted jewel of some kind, he picked it up when he was out visiting Korea last summer with his ex-girlfriend, wearing a black suit today; seeing as it was Friday and his boss had begged him to do so. Tired of his always one time white ones, for some reason it irratated Sir Korvix that no one ever could stand the fact that he saw himself better in white, as if it mattered. The phone gave off another high pitched ring, " Hello, Dais Advertising Company. Ben Korvix speaking. How may I help you? " This voice he heard wasn’t that of a normal customer, but of a girl. " Ben, is that you? " The soft and curious voice came to say. Oh shit. " Uh, yeah. Cassity, you got my number, haaa. . . that’s great. So. . " The tinge of excitement in her voice scared him; last night was only meant to be a one night fling with her, how the hell she even got his number was a mystery to Ben. " I was calling to see if you wanted to go out to dinner tonight? " God damned girls, always on my ass. " I can’t tonight, I have an early appointment in the morning and I need to get some rest tonight. " He whirled the phone back onto the hook. " God, females are so.. " A high pitched ring rang throughout the air, his phone was already ringing again, most likely another client. Mister Korivx hadn’t the time, nor the patience for another mouth. Few taps raptured against the large, oak doors, " Sir, I’m going home. " The silence had put him to sleep, forgotten that he unplugged the phone.

Only slowly had Ben finally noticed that there was a slim, short figure before me, " The woman I passed in the Lobby, she told me you could help me with this. " He had only seemed to literally see this figure, nothing else about it, as if it were fake. It was a female though he was positive of it, blinking sleep from eyes, " Asleep on the job, eh? She told me you were. " The female chimed, I could tell she was leaning in over the desk, now being able to make out her features; Odd charateristics for a girl, only appearing— maybe— at most— 21. " My name is Avrie Talon. I was wondering if— " Her lips kept moving and words were still spilled into a conversation but Ben was still focused on her features; she seemed to be into her teen years the tattoos and piercings, a nose ring, as she kept talking Ben noticed the tongue piercing. Thinking for a quick bit, he recalled the name for the piercings she had on her lower lip; snake bites, pink ones. Golden specks down the cartilage of her right ear. Imprinted on the inside of her wrist were the letters ‘A.G.T. ’ Fitting her body, a jean skirt and a black halter top, in turns complimented her hair. Loose onxy curls cascaded down to her shoulders, purple highlights. Not her true color, it looked as if she were a blonde. Avrie noticed wandering eyes. " Sorry, on such short noticed, I came in as soon as possible, this is what I was wearing—. " He noticed the small bit of sarcasm in her voice but only grinned at her attempt to hide it, sliding the paperwork infront of me. " Yeah. . . Heres my cell number. " Avrie’s glittered, black gel pen glided across the corner of a dog eared paper she left with him. It had at least taken ten minutes after this girl left for him to notice what she left; he forgotten that the old secretary was retiring and he put out for a new one, why would a young girl of only— Ben flittered though the papers and found out that she was only 20 — want to work on phones and papers all day? It didn’t matter, he was sure he’d get many others and he could just call her later to go out and hopfully never hear from her again. Then again Ben began to question himself, was this was even the kind of girl he wanted to be seen in public with? It was hard to focus on anything but her breast. With that girl on mind, gathering paperwork together, along with Avrie’s work, I headed out of the office for the night.

The expensive glass swinging doors swung shut as a cab drove up. Only watching the city life pass by through the windows of the taxi a dejected sigh parted past thin lips once the cab came to a hault, paying the driver and slamming the door shut behind himself as another passenger boarded. " Evenin’ ", a young passerby said once I neared my apartment, which happened to be a few blocks away, My gaze caught a similiar figure, it was only around seven-thirty and the sun was already set, New York’s bright lights hadn’t even began to shine. Enclosing myspace upon the shadowed figure, he noticed it was smoking, perched between its fingers was a single lit cigrette, the figure exhaled small smoke rings seeming somewhat intruiged by the shapes it was making. The phone rang. Clumsly digging through his jacket pocket to answer, " Yo, talk to me? ", " Aren’t you a little bit too old to be answering the phone like that? " a baratone voice said from the other line." Aren’t you a little bit too old to be jealous, Calvin? " he said with a grin he couldn’t see." Fuck you, anyhow, I wanted to know what you were doing tonight. " Calvin asked in a calm, hoping voice." Get laid, what else? " Chuckling, now standing still in the middle of the sidewalk." You sick fuck! No, seriously? " hearing Calvin laughing into the other end of the phone." Uhh, first off I’m going to get home, theres some weird fuck infront of my apartment entrance. Second off, I’m going to finish off a few things for work then hit the hay. " I leaned against the dirty brick wall, still watching the person who blocked me from getting in, wanting no confrontation, so, on implus, decide to just wait a little bit." Damn you, you’re such a bitch. I wanted to go out and have a drink tonight. " He moaned into the phone, sighing discontently. " Sorry, man. It’s just been a really hard day, plus, I met this hot chick who wants to work for me, if you know what I mean. " he still grinned. " Such a sick fucker. What’s her name? " I could tell he was smiling, even if I wasn’t there, I knew Calvin. " Avrie, I think it was. She’s only twenty and still s— " I was cut short due to the fact Calvin was yelling in my ear, " What?! You’re trying to fuck someone 6 years younger than you?! I always knew you were a pedo. "

With the way he was standing, it was uncomfortable and my foot began to fall asleep, switching to the other, " Pedophiles prey on young children, like twelve or something. She is clearly an adult, due to the fact she passed go and collected two hundred dollars when she turned eighteen. " Gently placing myself on the bench that was a few feet before it hit teh street, the street lights flickered on. " But still.. I bet she’s still a vigrin. Now you’re abusive. " He laughed into the phone which caused me to smile. " Abusive? I’m sure she’s educated enough to know about sex. I mean.. I taught you, didn’t I? " he could hear him cuss up a storm when he said that, it caused me to burst out in laughter. " I’m kidding, I’m kidding, but I know that was your fist time. Plus, you didn’t even move the next morning, I came home from work and you were still laying in my bed! It took me forever just to get you to sit up without complaining about your ass hurting. Or maybe it was the fact you didn’t want to go home to your mother bitching about you for being a fag. " A cool breeze slid down the street, hardly noticed, I glanced back over to my door as Calvin went on about " How abusive I was about it ", I knew what he meant. " Besides.. that was ages ago. Centuries! " He exclaimed which made me smile, " So.. are you going to hire her? If you do you better not expect her to get on her knees for you on her breaks. " I heard a soft rattling of the refridgerater click on at Calvin’s, " Oh damn, all my hopes and dreams. " I dripped with sarcasm, as if mascara running in teh rain, the cheap shit, " I don’t know, you know me. I’m not one for really young girls.. but her breast’s were huge.. and her body had the most perfect curves I’ve even seen on a woman, even a man! " Calvin giggled like some sort of school girl with a crush, " Mind not being so vivid? You’re getting me oh so harddd. I might have you make you come over and.. doctor me up. “,” In your dreams. " I managed to say with a stright voice but a twisted face that wanted to laugh. " Ah well, I tried.. and that’s all that matters. Well, if you change your mind about that drink, let me know, Club Karamont is open all night long, ‘till four at least. " Before I could say bye, he’d hung up. It’d matter not to me, I’d take him up on his offer later.

Slugglishly I found himself already walking up the apartment stairs, not even to notice that the stranger left a while ago. Fumbling with the keys before getting the right one, shoved it into the lock and let myself in. " Ahh.. home sweet home. " I purred to myself, throwing the jacket and work tux off onto the couch, sitting down at the small half-bar in the corner of the living room, switching the TV on. I just wanted noise, i didn’t even care what was on. As before, i flipped open his cell phone, dialing an unfimiliar number. " Hello? " a soft voice had said. " Yeah, this is Ben, Ben Korvix, from the office you applied to eariler? " She seemed on edge before I told her who I was, " Oh, yeah. You. " She huffed. " Are you busy right now? I can call back. Though I’m sure you’d like to take me up on this offer. " With one leg over the other, sitting perched on the stool, whirling the contents in the cup around. Glaring at the brownish liquid, " And what might that be? " She asked, not too sure this even concerned the job. " I’d like to take you out for a drink if you don’t mind. " Dead silence was heard on the other line. " Hello? " I called out, unsure to if she hung up or not. " I’m here, uhh… sure. When? " Avrie’s voice seemed only too certain that he was up to something, " Now. You know where Club Karamont is? " She’d thought about it before answering, " Yeah, I’m familiar with the place. " Cooly, speaking, " Uhhh, meet me outside there in fifteen minutes? ‘Till then. " Closing the phone before she had a chance to reject, seeming slightly rude. " I guess I need to call Calvin back.. " I did, and he’d meet them there also. Off into his bedroom, throwing off work pants and slipping on a pair of tight jeans, a wife beater then a long sleeved Abercrombie tee on, giving an admiring glance to the large mirror infront of the bed. " Alright, lets go. " I said to myself with a grin, already to the door and locking it behind me, jogging down the steps into the brisk, cool mid-summer air.

" Welcome to Club Karamont! Biggest stright club in all of the huge assness of NY City! Gay Population: Everyone! " Calvin exclaimed, almost too happy. " Did you just make that up? Assness? Plus, I’m not gay. " I chuckled, " You’re an idiot. Where’s that girl at? " glancing around and managed to catch a glimpse of a fine, young woman in a short black dress, when she came closer I noticed it was a two piece that showed off her navel tattoo and piercing. I couldn’t help but to stare. What could he say? He was just human. " Is that her? Avrie Tashen? " Calvin leaned in against my shoulder, if he wasn’t gay he was sure his tongue would be hanging over his pec’s. " Talon. You idiot, Talon… Avrie? " I smiled charmingly at her, she seemed to have all eyes of the club line on her, maybe it was just me, or maybe it was the fact that she was pratically naked, wearing a fishnet top, if it weren’t for the dark silk about her breast area, you’d see her basically topless. " Hey, Ben.. " She eyed the people around her, pushing back loose strands of hair that fell from her hightop ponytail. " You look beautiful. " I grasped her hand and placed a kiss to it, she pulled her hand back to her side after what seemed like five minutes of me holding it. " Do you know how many gays hang out at this club? I mean, it’s the hit of the century with them. It even put Riley’s out of business? That was the number one gay bar in New York. " watching as Avrie slid her thin appendage’s over her chest, which seemed as captivating as it did eariler today. " I’m not even going to ask how you know all this. " I shook his head as if in disapproval, but more or less it was of along the lines if ‘suprised-that-you-know-this-are-you-lesbian’? Not that it mattered, gay is equal to man as lesbian too, well, hell, I didn’t know, just not gay. " I used to be a journalist for NY Weekly, they always had something for gay’s in there, I think that’s where it got most of its publicity. "

I watched in a fascinated fashion as she ran the thick heel of her shoe down the back of her calf, God, she had some nice legs. " So you brought me to have a drink, I presume. Or was it to watch everyone go in and we stay out in the cold to watch the neon lights? Do you find them as fascinating as my legs? " Even though she began to walk forward, I could see the satisfied sly grin upon her lips.

Men don't think with their brains in NY.


South Bend, United States

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I was going through some stuff on this computer, I found this and my friend edited it, I think I caught most of her mistakes. Haha.

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