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Get Some Facts... Our Earth

So many things in the news.. This one does not seem to make the hello pages.. But it is such important information.. Some will think well I shall not be confused with the facts.. That is too bad.. Read this site and pass it around if you have the time..

What Could Happen


  • linaji
    linajiover 4 years ago
    Hello dear Chuck.. thanks so much and appreicate your link!
  • Had to correct the proper link entry.. Got it now.. So worth passing around.. Been keeping busy on facebook too linaji.. So many want to cry…

    – velveteagle

  • linaji
    linajiover 4 years ago

    I been crying.. hard… that is why I changed my Avatar.. needed some light… thank you . I faved it but did not go. I figured it was sad and I can’t see sad this morning but will look laterx

  • One thing and lesson mankind may learn someday is Love is Eternal…

    – velveteagle

  • VonMcKnelly
    VonMcKnellyover 4 years ago

    Nuclear blast indeed…lol
    We may learn how to care for a planet after we thoroughly screw up this one.

  • coppertrees
    coppertreesover 4 years ago

    Great link thanks for sharing

  • kevsphotos2008
    kevsphotos2008over 4 years ago

    Love the link cheers…………..