Colors are the most efficient media to transmit the various states of human consciousness. The artworks of Varna Sarovara (“Lake of Colors”) are mainly based on Indian Philosophy and Mythology. Along with them, the themes of Psychology, Astrophysics, and the Folklore are also used. The artworks that are based upon the themes of Philosophy and Mythology are drawn with appropriate proportions mentioned in literature. The blend which is prepared with all of the above will surely gives a unique platform to find a new meaning for our consciousness expressions.‘Every color in these artworks is a Unique Psychological Signature’.

As a common notion, the digital arts are purely technical and are given less prominence compared to the Canvas-Painting and Manual Arts. But, Varna Sarovara has introduced a new way of Digital Arts. All the publications of Varna Sarovara are drawn only with Windows Bitmap Image Application. To maintain the “Humanistic Touch” of the pictures, very slight digital assistance is used. Artworks are created with the mouse instead of brush.

Since we are using a less technical method of digital art, we request you to switch your monitors to the below settings for the ultimate effect of the artworks.

Contrast – 50
Brightness – 50
Color – RGB Mode:
R – 80
G – 80
B – 80

Ideal Screen Resolution:
1280*768 pixels

Contact us for further details.

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