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Vanella Mead

Southampton, United Kingdom

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For a long time I wasn’t sure if my art was worth showing to anyone but my friends got me to join Redbubble and I love being here.

I base my drawings on everything I see around me. From patterns in the pavement to how ivy grows on a wall. I work mostly in pen and ink with flashes of colour.

If you are interested and want to see some more works in progress try my blog
I am always happy to do commissions for individuals in most media so if I can interest you in something new contact me directly.

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  • Joined: June 2008


National Exhibition

I have been busy since last posting here, I have a picture in a National Exhibition. I’m really happy and rather surprised. I saw an invite from the National Media Museum asking for contributions to its Dr Who 50th anniversary show. So having created this picture loosely based on the Ood from the show I thought why not and sent them a speculative email. / I wasn’t really expecting an email back …
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I take a lot of photos not all of them are Redbubble quality, but I’m rather proud of the ones I added today. They were taken on the beach at Westward Ho! in Devon in the UK when we went to make a sandcastle. The sandcastle wasn’t very good but it was raining.
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Unknown Picture can anyone help

I have been given a picture. It was found in the toilets at work and after a process of giving it to the front desk and our art collection in case it belonged to them I have been given it back. / The only problem is I have no idea who it is by, so does anyone out there know who the artist is. I really want to know. / Picture / the signature is a bit dark / Sig / and there is a red stamped mark on…
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In the Shadow

I have just realised how famous my sister is. She is a sculptor and has the accolade of having her own Wikipedia page. Her name is Harriet Mead and she is an amazing artist I love her work and wish I had even a quarter of her skill and dedication. But it wasn’t until today that I realised just how well known she is. / It probably isn’t a revelation to her as she is the new president of the Societ…
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