Marching inn....

For the last few weeks , I have these spies coming on my kitchen bench. Yes, the first lot of ants who come and check things out, or maybe these ants have the best noses of the ant colony . I don’t know if the wet weather brings them inside or if it’s the smell of my cooking. So every time I saw one or two , I squashed the little buggers. Hoping that not another lot came to check things out. But they did and I squashed more and more ants.
In the sink there was a cup which had water in it , that was now covered with floating ants. Because every time I squashed one, I dipped my finger in the cup with water. To get rid of that ant on my finger.
I discovered that they were coming from a tiny whole above the window seal in the kitchen. And it was not just the one or two. No, it was a whole row of them now. I must have missed one of their spies . He was very lucky that he was able to slip through my fingers.
I don’t understand that they keep marching inn, because I keep the place so clean. I am so scared to get another invasion.
These little critters give me the creeps.
Two years ago, I had the same problem. Baked a cake and let it sit on the kitchen bench to cool down. As we had to go for a coffee somewhere , I went to get ready . Now, you probably can guess what happened next …
Aagh My cake was covered in ants. I could not take that one to my friends. So I ended up going to the supermarket and had to buy something to take for sharing. Off course not as nice as my home baked cake.
I was wondering how fast they walked . So I did get my ruler to measure and hold it again the window seal. They were crawling all over my ruler now. Terrible. Then I had to try to concentrate on one particular ant. Do you know how hard that is? When there is an whole army going back and forth and giving each other messages. Stopping while they chat and telling each other where to get that yummy stuff.
I worked out that they cover about 10 cm in 8 seconds. That’s including the stop for a little chat. This makes it about one meter in less than a minute. Incredible isn’t it with these short little legs. I want them to come now. I want the whole window seal to be black of ants. I want them to feed the babies with the yummy’s I am giving them. I bought it for them today at the supermarket, The same supermarket where I had to buy that cake , two years ago. I hope they really like it. I hope they like it as much as the cake, I baked. And if they do and I find out in the morning that they ate it all, I will add more Ant-Rid for them …..until there are no ants anymore.

Currently unavailable for purchase

Caring for their eggs. In the wild, not in my kitchen! ;o))


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  • Bunny Clarke
    Bunny Clarkeabout 5 years ago

    LOL. You are really a wicked woman. One after my own heart. I hate the little creatures in my house too. They lay down a scent trail for their compatriots to follow. It seems to last forever. Anything they take back to the nest that kills them is good in my book. :o)

  • Thank you Bunny. Exactly. That’s what I think. I am sick of these little creatures!!!

    – Esther's Art and Photography

  • moth61
    moth61about 5 years ago

    mmm….they all must have hopped on a plane and fkew to my place and ate some steroids cause they grew 10 times the size and have pincers the sizepliers…but they picked the wrong house cause this human doesnt make or give away freebies…its lure them onto the kitchen sinkwith a dot of honey on a lid …wait till theyve crowded all around ….then straight into the sink under hot water….does that mean im mentally depraved???…good!!

  • You better buy some Ant-Rid like I did. Works really well.!!! First you will get heaps and the a few days later , they lay dead every where.

    – Esther's Art and Photography

  • Steve Axford
    Steve Axfordabout 5 years ago

    Too cold for them outside, so they come in. Apparently ants work best at above 20 degrees and most shut down completely below 10 deg, so inside is going to suit them much better in a Tassie winter. Good luck. Usually ant rid will do the trick.

  • I have just gotten home, Steve. And I was hoping that there was at least half of them gone. But no, the marching goes on. And the window seal is still black with ants. Still eating from the Ant-Rid. Now you mention ; the temperature. It might even be possible that they made a nest in the ceiling. Nice and warm for them up there. One thing I hope, that it will all be over soon. Thank you for your comment.

    – Esther's Art and Photography

  • Steve Axford
    Steve Axfordabout 5 years ago

    I’ve had the same thing and I never thought it would end – but it did – and they didn’t come back for a long time.

  • Wow Thank you for giving me hope, Steve. Something to look forward too. A kitchen without ants. Yippee.

    – Esther's Art and Photography

  • Vanessa Barklay
    Vanessa Barklayabout 5 years ago

    Fantastic story and writing Esther!! Thanks for adding it to Bug Hunt! :O)

  • Thank you very much, Vanessa. I am glad you liked it. They are still there, these little buggers. I dont know how many ants there are in one nest. So it might take a few days to get rid of them.

    – Esther's Art and Photography

  • Vanessa Barklay
    Vanessa Barklayabout 5 years ago

    I also meant to say I love the artwork you did with it too :O)

  • Thats sort of how it all started. Taking a photo of them to see what it looked like with my camera. Might try to go bigger today. Will have a look. Then I will add that one into your group. Have a nice day, ~ Esther

    – Esther's Art and Photography

  • rkoop
    rkoopabout 5 years ago

    Ants are often a good indicator of when the floods are coming. They have a nose for rain and like to head to where it’s dry. Unlucky for them that they found somewhere nice and dry and covered with Ant Rid.

  • The ants are getting less and less. My gosh they love that stuff. Thank you for the info. That is great.

    – Esther's Art and Photography

  • Michael McCasland
    Michael McCaslandabout 4 years ago

    This is so funny and although these visitors (I believe from another planet) decided to see what you have in your pantry is not what you want they have through your writing given me a great early morning laugh. Damn, have to fave this for sure.

  • Thank you so much, Michael ! Glad you enjoyed this writing. ;o) And thank you also for the fav. The ants come beck every Winter , it;s not something to look forward too. Wish you a fantastic weekend. Kind regards from Esther.

    – Esther's Art and Photography

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