Welcome to Esther’s RedBubble site. She likes to make images of all different subjects but her favourite subject is fungi. Searching for that fungi she has never seen before, while she walks the dogs with the company of her daughter Emily.
To Identify Fungi by colour, Esther has made some groups on her overview page. Feel free to brows through them and try to get an ID of the fungi you found. Hope it will be of some help. More fungi will be added in future when she finds a species that she has not found yet.
During the week she is a disability support worker. Which includes doing craft and cooking activities.
She also has a Diploma of Art, Craft and Design and every now and then when she has time her creative streaks will show, inside or outside her house.
Thank you for visiting and she hopes you will enjoy her images.

What is living on the button mushrooms

Fungi photography by Esther van de Belt: WEB PAGE
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identify fungi or post a comment. Hope you enjoy!


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Please also have a look at LillyDigi’s Photography
She is Esther’s daughter and just received a brand new camera and likes to learn more about photography. Comments are most welcome ;o)

All Esther’s images have been made with a camera which is less then $400 Australian and without a try-pod or any other fancy equipment.
The camera she uses is a Fujifilm
FinePix S5700 digital camera
10x optical zoom 7.1 mega pixels

Esther owns copyright to all her images, images may not be uploaded to any websites without her written permission.
All images can be purchased.
All photographs and artworks in this portfolio are copyrighted and owned by the artist, Esther van de Belt. Any reproduction, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, or exploitation of any of the content, for personal or commercial use, whether in whole or in part, without written permission from herself is prohibited. All rights reserved.


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New webpage

As you all might have noticed I have not been on RB much. I have started a new webpage with fungi images. There are still many more images to add but it all takes time. Please feel free to leave a comment I would appreciate your feedback. Kind regards, Esther http://tasmanianfungi.webstarts.com/index.html
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New Official Website against Super Trawler.

Please help us in supporting and signing the petition against the Super Trawler. / They have a new official website. Here is the link / Tomorrow a special full page advert in the Australian Newspaper about the Super Trawler. (2 August 2012, Donated by a very special person and supporter) / Link
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Super Trawler

They fished the oceans empty in the Northern Hemisphere and now they / come here to Tasmania to “fish” if you can call it fishing . A trawler with nets measuring 600 meters long. / It can take 600 tonnes of fish a day and process 275 tonnes a day. / They need two licences to operate within the Commonwealth waters. / Please help to stop this trawler. It’s owned by Dutch company …
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