Dale North is a strikingly talented Photographer who’s images once seen, are NEVER forgotten. He seems to possess an incredible gift which enables him to find a photograph in just about everything, ..but not just any photograph, a photograph that will stop you in your tracks. How many times have you seen a sunset photographed? Probably hundreds, but can you honestly say you have ever seen one that has affected you in quite the same way as those taken by Dale North? Probably not. We are only now hearing about this British “icon in the making” because of the digital revolution. Images and techniques that would have cost a fortune just a few short years ago are now at his disposal, and he’s making the most of this fact. Dale is a phenomenally talented and unique individual. As well as his Photography he is also a talented Film maker, Writer, Actor, Singer/ Songwriter, Illustrator, voice over artist, and a fully qualified Hypnotherapist. So, ..if you want something beautiful AND collectable, then look no further.
Anyone wanting a “BESPOKE” Calendar please look through all Dale’s work and message him with your 12 favorite images, then, with your own personaly chosen favorite pictures, Dale will create a calendar “just for you,” you can even tell him what image you want for each month, a fantastic, unique and very personal gift idea.

  • Age: 112
  • Joined: March 2009