had a blonde moment!

my new group collaboration central

kept reading the member numbers & reporting to my spouse how i had a total of 33 members, then in 24hrs the numbers dropped to 18. i was wondering wtf was going on!

then my other 49% said…um, you have a total of 55 members & you were reading the members who JOINED today!

vamp bangs head on desk i’m such a dick! LOL ;D


really shits me you have to create stickers separately, should have it’s own button, instead of having to screw around in the tshirts section. PITA it is!

big applause!!! - active redbubblers reducing art theft sales & sellers

i wanted to acknowledge some of the redbubblers i know who are fighting against art theft & art thieves….thank you for your vigilance, your energy, your reporting & endurance. it does pay off slowly (sadly).

i personally observed the end of on female art thief & her redbubble account last year. i also had ripped off art removed from another fellow’s redbubble account & he seems to be behaving himself now.

this week i’ve noticed several of the images i’ve reported removed one way or another. one breach was removed from one chap’s account but their account is still active.
one from one chick’s account but profile still active.
another account went totally bye bye…. :)
(NB: not stealing my art work but other artist’s pieces)

so keep up the good work folks, i know it’s hard, patience is requi

today's features & a top ten placing! :)

top ten placing in a challenge in redbubble sold tees group!!!
thank you voters! :)

features for today:

both featured in the beautiful grunge art group….thank you so much for two features! :) honored i am. :)

featured in the the light & darkness group! awesome thanks! :)

featured in the metallic junction group! whoopee cheers! :)

death lurks (M)

featured in the dark art, dark artists group!! totally darkly awesome! thank you so much! go jover! :)…

death lurks

It was totally innocent, a plan to meet at the cemetery at dusk. Solitary, no one would be around, no one would know.

The air had a certain chill, the grass was damp with moisture & the frog songs were discordant in the nearby pond.

He waited at their favourite tomb, leaning against the grave stone. From his jacket pocket he removed a flask filled with whiskey & took a large mouthful. Clenching & rubbing his hands together in the cool atmosphere.

Then he saw a torch light flash twice. A dark figure emerged from the woods, it was her. Her trench coat enveloped her but her dark piggy tails hung on her shoulder beyond her beanie. He stood to embrace her.

Their lips me

features - 2

featured in the freedom in words & art group!! awesome thanks! :]

featured in the art of the mundane group!! wicked thanks! :)

the student (R/X)

Parted lips

Parted lips parted lips
Sighs & gasps slip.
Entry permitted
Entry committed.
Pushing tip
Pressure at the hip

Parted lips parted lips
Sighs & gasps slip.
White knuckle sensation
Intimate penetration.
Sweet thrill of thrust
Pitching swirling lust.

Parted lips parted lips
Sighs & gasps slip.
Velvet skin glistens
Velvet innards christened.
Huff puff
Heaving muff.

Parted lips parted lips
Sighs & gasps slip.
Fragrance of her skin
The feel of it in.
Powerful hands
Pussy full of glans

Parted lips parted lips
Sighs & gasps slip.
Only pleasure
To endure at our leisure
Please me tease me.
Cum unto me cum into me

Parted lips parted lips
Sighs & gasps slip.
Tender body heat
Moving to rhythmic beat
Physical connection tender
In our pleasure splendour.

written by vampvamp.

wow! just put up & straight away featured in

watership - SOLD!!!

i am stoked, someone amazing just bought my first ever collab piece (as in first sold collab piece)!!!!!! enjoy & thank you so much!

this is the piece i did with the wicked dani dreyer
no dani has to get his half! :)

congrats dani this is so awesome well done! :)

2 more!

2 features coming up.

featured in the rising stars group!! thank you so much! :)

featured in the all around the styles group!! awesome thanks! :)

2 features!

featured in the superbly visual group!! awesomely cool thanks! :)

featured in the magic of mirrored images group! wickedly cool thanks! :)

2 features

featured in the freedom in words & art group! thank you! :)

featured in the rain – the good the bad & the ugly group!! awesome ta!

3 more!

featured in the hometown photography group! awesome thanks! :)

featured in the art of duotone erotica group!!! sweet as! ta! ;]

featured in the freedom to shine group!! wicked cheers! :)

another 2

featured in the abstracts from nature group!! cool as! :) ta!

featured in the wall of the world group!! awesome cheers! :)

photographic help needed

can anyone tell me how to reduce or improve digital photographic images with that (don’t know how to describe it really), kind of stippled effect in plain coloured areas ie; sky. is it a fact of life or can it be prevented? i am new to shooting in RAW, is it less likely to happen in that mode or easier to fix? i don’t like it & i want to eliminate it because it does not demonstrate a nice clear image.
help please from all the photographers out there! :)

i would like to share one of my fav pieces of shoaib's....

Artist: Shoaib
There is still freedom in you

I think I was sixteen, old enough to know better
But young enough to not care
I ran up a down escalator…
Something about not backing down from a dare
Maybe it was the freedom in defiance
Or perhaps the disapproving looks of older glares
I could almost hear the thoughts in their eyes
“Wasn’t he taught better” in there cold stares
But I…
I really didn’t care

It made me laugh, it made me feel like I could break all the rules
It made me feel like if I believed in something I could do it if I wanted to

And then, just yesterday leaving work I saw a few young kids
I looked at them and thought these kids don’t have a clue
What do they know about the world and its problems?
But then I saw them do something that, now, I wouldn’t dare to do…

They ran up

2 features

featured in black with a hint of colour group! whoohoo thanks! :)

featured in WA redbubbles group!! awesome as thanks! :D xo

happy birthday from rhoufi

i just wanted to say thank you so much to rhoufi who took the time to make me a personalized photo b’day card, with a lovely msg of good wishes for my birthday tomorrow. thank you very much oldest lost boy! LOL ;D xo

OMG!!! - i've just been canon-ized!!! CANON EOS 7D as a birthday gift!!!!!!!!!!!!

holy crap!
was having the flattest day ever…..
then my amazingly tricky husband surprised me with some lovely little set of messages & a brand spanking new CANON EOS 7D an early birthday present (birthday next week)!!! No lenses yet though!

so i’m probably gonna need some advice from all youj camera geeks out there, to figure out what lenses to get. at this stage i probably want a zoom lens & a standard kind of lens. no really in need of a landscape or wide angle type at this point.
bloody hell this is going to be some project getting to know the new camera!!!
help! :)

thanks to my darling for such an amazing gift & thank you for your love & support! xoxoxox

acceptance banners - is it just me?

is it just me or does it shit you when you get acceptance banners from groups? ie; your work has been accepted. ???
i think it’s highly unnecessary & bothersome (as much as it’s awesome to have your work moderated well).

vamp n' rhoufi collabs....

yo so rhoufi lent me some images & here’s the results! thanks man! :)







image rhoufi:

words rhoufi:
“Leaning on the bar beside you, the miners raise their tired heads to exchange glances, but nobody moves – no one can escape what’s coming.” ~ rhoufi.


his totally gorgeous image:

my image:


rhoufi’s image:

vv after effect:

hector & vamp collaborators....

Hector A. Encinas

added words to my image….. (more collabs to come)
thank you sir. :]

rage subsiding


this time i chose some prose by hector & created an image i thought would fit with his profound & beautiful words…..


Six Feet Under the Ceiling. ©

The concrete at the bottom of the bridge looks inviting.

“I cant say that I would.”

I feel deaths warm clutch, at every blow.
And there’s something in the way, it moves.

I’m so tired…

I want to be internal bliss;
In silence.
Six feet under the ceiling.
Where I won’t hear the voice trapped in my head.
Were I won’t hear my forgotten feelings.

Six feet under the ceiling…..

The black eyed angel of death is here.
And there’s something in the way, it moves.

My mouth is rotten.
Like my forgotten poetry.
Like my heart.
Like my dying eyes.

makeover with mccasland...

i was permitted the use of some of michael mccasland’s images…

thank you michael! :)




this is what i did with it – merged the 3 images:

this is a tee i helped michael put together; mike sent me the image of the sign:

plus his idea for text.

i did this VV:

he sent me this image, which he shot with me in mind:


das n' vamp mixin' it up

a collaboration with dasSuiGeneris

he sent me his image:

to fiddle with…

this is my offering:

here’s some music to listen to as you peruse the details (couldn’t pick which i preferred better as a remix of sasha’s wavy gravy):

here is the same image on on das’s profile:

jet n' jax

so i met jet today, a fellow bubbler & how cool was that.

please take a moment or more to check out her awesome writing! :D

it was a pleasure to meet you jet!
we shared many similar thoughts & feelings & i look forward to more catch ups in future!
yay! :D

happiness i got my 'happiness tee' - loui jover

whoohoo i have been wanting this tee for ages & was so desperate to get one from loui jover i nagged him & nagged him so he put it on a tee but no, i didn’t stop there, i ended up helping him improve the design so i could buy one! whoo!

here it is, sorry no super tight version to show off the boobs! LOL
i love it loui can’t wait to show it off! :)

VV collaborations with sir loui jover....

here be the collabs with mr loui jover
check out his gear, it’s awesome! :)
thank you mr jover. :]…








vamped with writing:

parted lips

Parted lips

Parted lips parted lips
Sighs & gasps slip.
Entry permitted
Entry committed.
Pushing tip
Pressure at the hip

Parted lips parted lips
Sighs & gasps slip.
White knuckle sensation
Intimate penetration.
Sweet thrill of thrust
Pitching swirling lust.

Parted lips parted lips
Sighs & gasps slip.
Velvet skin glistens
Velvet innards christened.
Huff puff
Heaving muff.

Parted lips parted lips
Sighs & gasps slip.
Fragrance of her skin
The feel of it in.
Powerful hands
Pussy full of glans

Parted lips parted lips
Sighs & gasps slip.
Only pleasure
To endure at our leisure
Please me tease me.
Cum unto me cum into me

Parted lips parted lips

i just want to scream! (PG)

i just want to scream

was featured in the love bytes group!!! super cool, thank you muchly host/s! :D

*i just want to scream!

it is not in my nature to hide beneath a facade
my ruins and my beauty are visible to all.
to be someone else is a veil to discard,
if only it were simple to do when you call.
what conditioned or preceded you?
or is it me?
are my intentions askew
to continue to burn out my energy.
i’m perplexed about how i feel
do i really care.
is there any appeal
that we can share.
i don’t feel obliged but i’m willing to support
i fathom the likeness when the journey doesn’t bode well.
i understand that life, it does thwart.
and all that escapes you is a yawp and yell.
much wisdom do i have to impart
to prevent you from damage,
it’s not too backward to start
trust me, and have courage.
we squandere

the words left unsaid

the words left unsaid
were featured in the freedom in words & art group!!!
totally cool, thank you! :)

_The words left unsaid…

What do you prize most
Whilst we respire
Afore shifting to ghost.

Awkward silences are many
Day to day
The unspoken now uncanny.

In these seconds of life
Be brazen
Act to diminish strife.

Utter those words
Exhale with ease
Seize the moment to move onwards.

Do not allow it to prolong
Articulate now
Before they are gone.

The words left unsaid
Are heavy
Ne’er a burden at your deathbed._

written by vampvamp.

a dedication to my friends....

*nothing like smut to cheer you up!

& i am speaking from personal experience!!!

i would like to dedicate this to all my awesome friends on redbuble & my skanky friends on facebook. thank you for improving my mood & being absolutely filthy bitches! LOL ;D xoxoxox

oh & i am buying one of these for myself today! :)

by the window / le femme attend par la fenêtre (M)

by the window / le femme attend par la fenêtre
was featured in the freedom in words & art group!!!
super fab thanks! :)

*the neon orb rose in the morrow atmosphere.
flared sunbeams penetrated the solitude of her boudoir.

bathing in sensuous temperate radiance
she anticipated the return of her paramour.

an adept girl scout is rehearsed & equipped,
conceived plot of exhilaration & gratification galore.*

written by vampvamp.

buyer's booth - fizzgig tee

ok i am really sorry for not having put this tee up (plus about 5 others, which i need to get round to doing, to show the artist’s i purchased stuff from)!

i bought this ages ago.

yes i’m wearing it.
swore i wouldn’t for the crap shot though!

please check out fizzgig’s portfolio he has totally awesome stuff!!!
this is the tee that i purchased of his:


PUS was featured in the wonderful world of words group!! how cool, thank you very much! whoo! :)


You are the pus in my eye,
The vomit in my throat,
The skid mark in my pants.
You inspire the bilious wave,
You set tension in motion,
You are the ‘st’ in stutter.
You are the tumour that needs an ‘ectomy,
You are the cancer that needs the chemo
You are the malignancy that needs the radiotherapy.
You are the pus in my eye,
The vomit in my throat
The skid mark in my pants.*

written by vammpvamp.

cool collabs with mr pete hamilton....

collabs with petehamilton

i thank him verymuch for being a willing participant & allowing me to alter his images which i have done in CS4 with brushes & textures & colours etc.

VV work over:

VV work over:

VV work over:

VV work over:

here are my collabs with pete on his self portraits.









dedication to betsy seeton – 4 in series:











vamped viper & HTA collabs....

shane viper
aka headturnerarts
messed about to create some bits…

SV image.

VV image.


HTA image.

VV image.

SV image:


SV image:


HTA sent me a plain image of sort of black n’ white mass of birds….
HTA’s work over of his bird image:


shano sent me another pic of his to mess with, below are shane viper’s & HTA versions.



shane sent me this:






eerie & cool colabs with terugvanver....

super dark n’ cool terugvanver & i had did a set of 6 collabs, using each others images. he helped me to learn quite a bit & my pieces to him went back n’ forth a fair bit before he was satisfied. of course this didn’t bother me at all because critique is part of learning & growing….

i am only going to add the finished works, our own takes on each two merged images.







chimptastic collab with octochimp designs....

octochimp designs
& i toyed briefly.…

VV image.

OCD tee.

VV image.

OCD outcome.

OCD sketch: (pending)
VV work over:

i created an image to go with the chimps writing:
the passenger

the passenger

The smile says all
that the man has to say,
for this ride he will
play the role of passenger.
Boisterous scenes pass by.
The smile says all
(clack clack)
A light flickers overhead.
Through the window
the moon flashes a cheesy grin
(the stars giggle at his silliness)
The many-hued lights of distant souls
wink knowingly.. hinting at secrets
uncovered but as yet undiscovered.
Treasures waiting for their turn
to pass by the window.
Beside the man an ethereal presence
squeezes tighter on his hand
“You’ll like the next stop”
The smile says all…
(clack clack clack)
and his eyes show that he hears
a great deal more
that the others do

doctering the awesome wolfdocter collabs....

my good buddy wolfdocter gave into my demands to borrow his stuff to create some new work with our combined art.
here is some of it…

i used WD image.

to make this:

my image with WD used:

then WD made this with my image.

then i used WD image.

i did this with it.

i used an unposted image of WD’s to do this.

VV image.


my image.

outcome of merge with WD’s work.

WD image.

VV image.



unlock was featured in the secret society group!!! i missed this i think, was featured 18 days ago & i can’t tell if i did a journla entry previously before getting the banner. hmm. many many thanks to the group! :)

weightless (PG)

weightless was featured in the vavoom group!!! so sweet thank you so much!!! yay! ;]


Dedicated placement of fiery lips
Tingling touches of fingertips.
Temperate breath light as a feather
Tenderly binding knot of tether.

A willing prisoner to this passion
Fabric of satin and lace are the fashion.
Adorned sight dulled with positioned blindfold
Lust and heaven to be released tenfold.

Dedicated placement of lips
Moist pressure set upon hips.
Goosebumps spread like an infection
A downward journey is the direction.

Temperate breath light as a feather
To remain as one in bliss forever.*

written by vampvamp

the lover

the lover was also featured in the ,ove bytes group!! wow 2 features, fantastic news. thank you very much… :]


he’d gone to much trouble, setting the ambiance by stocking his wares, fresh linens, nibbles to delight, safety, comfort, bathing in milk & teasing his skin with his favourite fragrance. he knew how to treat his lover, now all he had to do was await the arrival….*

written by vampvamp.


yo yet again another feature, will have to count them up!

lovers was featured in the passion of couples group!! bloody great thanks! ;D

my reason for creating what i do - manifesto

this is dedicated to loui jover

for this

My reason for creating what I do:

I guess I started to feel as thought I had some talent where photography was concerned to an extent & this talent has been improving & growing rapidly & has advanced into other areas of creation ie; digital art, digital manipulation, cross processing of images. I am self taught in all areas, trial & error.
I do paint on occasion although I’ve always felt it was my worst medium.
I do draw & also felt as thought I did poorly at that but I have been challenging myself to do more.
I write. Writing is something I do enjoy but it takes time to get it right. Often writing takes longer for me than creating art.
The reason for creating what I do? No idea. It just comes to me. Often there is no set idea in place, it’s orga


watership was featured in two groups!
the feminine intent group
the inspired art group!!!!
bloody awesome news, thanks so much to the hosts! dani will be as excited as i on this brilliant collab piece. many thanks! :)

volume control

volume control was featured in the students & beginners group!! wonderful, much appreciated. :]

*Volume Control

The volume, the overwhelming drenching surge.
Deafening tension bristles fine down.
Imaginary hands clutching desperately to cloak my ears.
Internal screams, thrashing and gnashing for calm.
The madness does not abate.
Insanity insanity!
How can I bear it, how can direct it.
I am lost, fretful and forlorn in this audible tsunami,
Desiring silence to enfold and nurture me….*

written by vampvamp.

a clearing (G/PG)

a clearing was featured in the art of intrigue group!! bloody great, thanks so much! :) xo

*the inspiration being post natal depression/depression/mental illness.

from the murk & darkness
the feelings of fear & inadequacy
the trappings of loneliness & debilitation…
come light, the clearing
resurfacing into self.
fear no longer,
as you will be embraced & nurtured.
the glow will encompass you
provide you warmth & strength.
you will find your way to the clearing…*

written by vampvamp.

ok if anyone is interested....

i am going to attempt to do more dedicated works either art or writing, a challenge to myself…
so if there is something you want, or you want to throw me some keywords or ideas, i am happy to dedicate something to you! :)

the last 2 days i have dedicated writing to madworld & jennifer b but i’ve also dedicated many a t-shirt or several to other bubble mates as well, like; jedidiah, wofldocter, akkra etc etc.


PUS was featured in the dark cabaret group!!! so cool, much appreciated! ;} xo


You are the pus in my eye,
The vomit in my throat,
The skid mark in my pants.
You inspire the bilious wave,
You set tension in motion,
You are the ‘st’ in stutter.
You are the tumour that needs an ‘ectomy,
You are the cancer that needs the chemo
You are the malignancy that needs the radiotherapy.
You are the pus in my eye,
The vomit in my throat
The skid mark in my pants.*

written by vammpvamp.

THE SNAKE - PG/M rating

the snake was featured in the freedom to shine group!!!! sweet as, chuffed about that, second cool thing for the day! :)


What is your imperfection.
What do you dread.
What causes you torment.
What causes you grief.

Where is your humanity…

You will cower for me.

I want to pick & pluck & poke at your innards.
Expose you.
The snake.

You will have no power.
You will shrivel.
You will cease.
You will feel the burden of all that you inflict.
You will languish in exile.
You will atone…

written by vampvamp*

copyright shite

i am getting really pee-d off with copyright stuff lately.
it’s so bloody confusing.
i had another site i am on remove my"darth grader":,roy... tee as it’s ‘not suitable’ (probably breeches copyright).
plus they also removed another piece my evil genius II tee with the same point, even though i explained as far as i knew there wasn’t an issue because i had downloaded free brushes with that icon/character. (unless the person who made the brushes breached copyright & i am innocent).
it is really PMO quite frankly.
how is it that here on the bubble people seem to get away with it & then on that other site, they have other people who do have well known characters or icons up, & the artists don’t seem to represent the ow…

0 but dust

0 but dust was featured in the dark cabaret group!!! bloody great thanks so much! yay! :)

0 but dust

we are naught but dust…
universal particles
adrift in a plume of stars.
white gloved grit
finger tip tracings.
inhaled fragments
expelled in breath,
layers shed.
we are naught but dust…
transported by intermittent puffs
resting in mundane haunts,
we are,
we are naught but dust.

written by vampvamp

must be time

to ask if anyone wants to do a collab with me…
starting to get bored & need a challenge.
girls, boys, who’s up?
bubble mail me. :)

the peach

the peach was featured in the totally hot group the erotic pen – art & writing!!! whoo, i’m so hot right now! LOL thaks so much! :) xo

*+the peach+

delicate folds spread wide & manhandled.
probing licks & savouring of such landscape.
sensitive puckered crater
pulsing for attention.
divine tabooed ecstasy.
slick wet & at attention
cravings to be filled….*

written by vampvamp

the peach

the peach was featured in the passion of couples group!! whoo, super, many thanks. :)

*+the peach+

delicate folds spread wide & manhandled.
probing licks & savouring of such landscape.
sensitive puckered crater
pulsing for attention.
divine tabued ecstasy.
slick wet & at attention
cravings to be filled….*

written by vampvamp

0 but dust

0 but dust was featured in the touched by fire group!! i am honored & very appreciative. thank you. :) xo

*0 but dust

we are naught but dust…
universal particles
adrift in a plume of stars.
white gloved grit
finger tip tracings.
inhaled fragments
expelled in breath,
layers shed.
we are naught but dust…
transported by intermittent puffs
resting in mundane haunts,
we are,
we are naught but dust.

written by vampvamp*

HK fork

HK fork was featured in the best of red bubble – digital art & photography group!!! what an honor, that is such great news, many thanks to you! :) xo


HB was featured in the around the world group!!! whoohoo how awesome i am delighted, many thanks! ;)

if i close my eyes will you still be there - home page feature!!!

if i close my eyes will you still be there was featured on the HOMEPAGE & i missed it!!!! :( (i was at work all day & no one pasted a pic of the homepage for me)

well that is fabulous news anyway, i think this is my third homepage feature since joining in august 2009. so that is totally awesome, what an honor!!!

many thanks to my dear matt dawkins for giving me the link to the homepage i missed! ;)

angry - how to move past it

i don’t know how much i can say to explain……

in short it goes something like this:
- closest sibling
- effected our view of her partner by making him look like the baddie
- long relationship with partner
- ultimatums
- partner agreed to marry/have kids
- married 3-5 mths
- sibling does not inform immediate family members one to one
- sibling makes no moves to improve marriage/resolve issues
- sibling leaves husband
- sibling gives varying ideas of why it’s over
- sibling eventually tells some truth
- sibling leaves husband for another partner
- sibling moves quickly
- sibling disrespects nor cares about relationship with me
- sibling refuses to discuss anything with me
- sibling continues to behave inappropriately with new partner
- sibling is not honest with her ex
- partner is left with the dog sibling wa

tshirt design help!

can anyone explain what causes loss of vibrancy in colour on tees please?
i am noticing at times (not always) that i seem to have some loss of vibrancy & a kind of greyness over my images once on tees, not in PS though. it is really shitting me quite frankly as it really kills the image of text with that loss of brightness & vividness. :(
any thoughts would be appreciated.
thank you in advance.


73 was featured in the top ten of the ‘numbers & red challenge’ in the colour me vibrant red group!! whoohoo wicked wick stuff, thanks to all the voters! ;) xo


arc was featured in the top ten for the ‘art of seduction challenge’ in the dark cabaret group!!! bloody great news! whoo! :) many thanks to all the voters, cheers muchly! ;) xo

muse touring oz in december 2010 - i wanna go!

Muse announce December tour…

Muse have confirmed rumours that they’ll return to Australia this year.

When the English trio headlined the Big Day Out in January, they promised they’d be back with their entire, world-class arena production, and now they’re making good on that promise, locking in massive shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Chris from Muse caught up with Tom and Alex and told them that while their quickly-becoming-legendary pyrotechnics and light show might be impressive, the focus for Muse will always be the music:

“It’s something we’ve always cared a lot about, and we want to put on as much of a spectacle as we can. But, you know, at the same time you have to make sure that the music stands up in its own right as well. All that extra wizardry, the lights and the

how can one possibly keep faith in people

life is a constant run of let downs…
how can one possibly keep faith in people, a person, when there are constant disappointments.
humans are so faulty.
how can we even open ourselves up to new people, to trust, to leave our hearts with them, when ultimately that trust will be destroyed.

has anyone seen the new...

anti-alcohol ad or moderation of alcohol ad in australia?
i can’t find a clip for it yet….
shows blood on canvas (red paint) tracing the circulatory system then muscles, body etc, whilst talking about risk of ethanol intake.
the blood ends up making an entire body on white canvas & the art work is fucking awesome. would love to know who the artist is & if you can purchase that work.
so cool!!! :)

found a clip here second one down…

i have to put this up akkra! ;)

this is a joke from akkra, i had to put it up cause i think it’s frickin’ hilarious. if you’re offended by crudity, don’t read on! :)
thanks for the great laugh akkra!

_A man wearing a balaclava bursts into a sperm bank with a shot gun. “Open the f-—- safe!” he yells at the girl behind the counter. “But we’re not a real bank” replies the girl. “This is a sperm bank, we don’t hold money”. “Don’t argue just open the safe or I’ll blow your f-—- head off!” She obliges and opens the safe door.

“Take one of the bottles and drink it!”

“But it’s full of sperm” the girl replies nervously.

“Don’t argue, just drink it” he says. She prises off the cap and gulps it down.

“Take out another one and drink it too!” he demands. The girl drinks another one. Suddenly the guy pulls off the balaclava and to


as i was walking today i came across a black board with a message or statement or philosophy saying:
happiness is not an emotion it is a choice
sorry i have to totally disagree.
happiness is an emotive reaction to stimulus.

TALENTED & UNKNOWN ARTIST MAGAZINE (worldwide publication) - ISSUE 3

talented & unknown artist magazine – issue 3!

please everyone have a look! :D

i would like to give a big shout out to mark snelling – RB
mark snelling – web !!!!

i am very grateful he chose me as one of the many talented unknown artists to be featured in his worldwide publication!! i am honored & delighted!
i was even permitted to participate in some editing of the featured exhibition.
congratulations to all artists in the mag, keep up the great work!

i reiterate…my gratitude to mark snelling for choosing me.

i was thinking...

would be cool if another thing redbubble added to merchandising was those LED tshirts, so you can have stuff/messages/images lit up on your tee.
i have an idea for a more advanced version of my care factor = zero tee.

tip for the day!

when editing & processing images, ensure your computer monitor/screen is clean….
because, you don’t want to find out after all that intricate processing of the image, that it was indeed the monitor dirt & NOT the image!


drop got a place in the top ten of the creative, talented & unknown group!! super, thanks to host/s, group & voters! :) xo

perth storm yesterday

was one of the times i wish i had upgraded the camera, so i could use a wide angle lens, cause there was a double full rainbow! i took some shots but they’re rubbish & i couldnt’ fit it all in & was too lazy to bother trialing ‘stitch assist’.
the weather yesterday produced some awesome skies that’s for darn sure! :D

ok weird

i just went through my favourites lists & clicked on heaps of artist’s work, from ages ago, to check if there were any new editions….what did i note? nothing, not one of the almost 20 artists i checked over, have any new work…..weird…. (or not? i dunno)

o'brien, brackstone & vanzella (weird dream)

yep it’s odd.
just before i woke this morning, i dreamed i was at a shoot with the 3 RB artists above. my job was to prepare some sort of visual art with paper & pencils. we were in some house. (before i went to sleep last night i was looking at mel’s piece native consumption) anyway, it was about that short, can’t recall much…


robgoodfellow/octochimp designs is aging with grace….tis his birthday as of the 9th of march. i would personally like to wish my dear dear mate many happy returns on this day.

you are needed.
you are desired.
you are loved.
you make us swell with pride.

the vamp who is revamping

not happy jan....

took me ages to go to sleep after finishing up last piece tonight. when i got to sleep, iv’e had nothing but nightmares (unrelated to art)….& i was only asleep about 50mins!!! sad
not fair.
i am so tired.
now i am awake.
toos cared to return to slumber.

i'm soooo excited

cue crap pointer sister’s tune….no, let’s not!

i picked up my 2009 birthday present… 40×50cm printed, sealed, stretched canvasses of my art.
(was thinking on the drive home, i must get onto developing my sig & or logo to add to my art in future)
so tempted to drive to a cafe regarding displaying & selling them….but these are mine! :)

of course the photo is terrible & they are still wrapped in plastic but here is a pic:

below are the real ones if anyone actually wants to buy some! ;D

15 steps

misty portal



is it lunar?

so there’s a full moon…(just passed), could this be a lunar thing or is it just a screwed up hot summer finishing up in WA. is it just life?
i dunno…
i have been having a shitty past few days due to varying things not running smoothly, feels like it’s not going to be much better in the next few days.
i feel incredibly emotionally labile.
not sure how to feel more up.
do things i like?
not sure.

ok here's a doozy query for ya! (sorry mad)

forgive me i am actually fuming

ok so today i happened to be in a shopping centre, walking past a shop with ‘shiny stuff’ (ADOS). saw this awesome chrome lamp/light/chandelier. had camera handy, so from inside mall of shopping centre but outside shop through glass, shot a few images…
before i was set upon or questioned extremely rudely by a staff member.
i stopped, shocked & basically retorted that i would not bother buying anything from that shop then.
they seem to claim it is ‘common sense’ to ask permission to photograph their stock, even though i was outside.
i am so angered by this sort of behaviour or lack of professionalism, i contacted the manager of the shop, who claims that something more polite was said, which is not true. she explained that there is some unspoken common courtes

yes i'm excited again!

just did my first lot of hosting on the the woman photographer group & selected my 12 features! congrats to all. thanks so much to jen ryan & shutterjunkie for permitting me to mess with their stuff! ;D
hope i did done good & it would be a pleasure to assist where possible in future.
would like to get the hang of presenting the featured images with images, rather than just links.
cheers folks!

stability of photoshop

does anyone have any issues with the stability of PS? ie; do you find if you’re working on something for a while & it’s using lots of memory that it crashes?
i am getting a bit sick of it. currently using PS 7.0 on this PC but have CS4 on laptop.


just as well i’ve been saving some layers today.
been working on my collab piece with matt dawkins. hoping to get it up today!
stupid goddamn things!

i'm excited!

just dropped off my last years’ birthday present to the printer today ($500 voucher to spend on printing up some my art). i picked 4 images, misty portal II, framed, scratch & gateway. all images will be printed, stretched & sealed on 40cmx50cm canvas. they will be ready next week.
can’t wait.
very exciting! ;)

not the first lot of my own art i’ve had canvassed. just these are the images i picked. wish i had the money to print them bigger.

also torn about whether or not to keep them or get them out to a local restaurant or cafe, to sell them on commission…. pout


obverse was featured in the students & beginners group!! yay, awesome! ;) xo thank you!

also got a feature in dark cabaret group!!! awesome awesome! thanks DC. ;) xo

oh & by the way fellows....

i bought my first RB artworks on clothing & i am eagerly waiting their delivery!!!
last week i bought 3 girly tees from three different artists!
will put up stuff in buyers booth, when here.
just hope i got the right sizing! unsure look

(also have some others in my cart to buy down the track & have soooo many art favs i don’t think i will have a house big enough, with enough walls to put them on!)


happy valentine’s day to all the red bubblers (for either today or tomorrow depending on your time zone)!!!

hugs n’ kisses


3566 was featured in the students & beginners group!! fantastic guys thank you so much! :) xo

also featured in _students & beginners group – challenge top ten _!!! claps


greetings one & all….
is there anyone out there who would like to collaborate with me?
i have not had a chance to get out for new stock as yet, need to get some new stuff under my belt into the old portfolio.
anyone want to do anything with any existing pieces? or something new (if i have something somewhere on this HDD)?
i’m bored & need inspiration.
thanking you in advance.

red bubble tech query to other red bubblers #2

ok guys, the other day i went to RB help & tried to post new question, which failed! LOL (yes the help area, needs IT help!) LOL
um anyway….
who can tell me what you generally see in your red bubble ‘live feed’?
is it only art from artist’s in your watch list?
is it all new work?
etc etc etc
my husband & i have been arguing about what you actually see in your live feed & i wanted to know the answer once & for all.
couldn’t find a faq on it nor any other areas of discussion on it anywhere else.
thanking you in advance.

red bubble tech query to other red bubblers

hey dudes…
how do you put up the home page image if you are featured, as a viewable image?
i just went about doing it what i think is the ‘long way’? does anyone have any short cuts to it, other than screen capturing, saving as jpg & then adding image link?

don't you hate that

just been piss farting about with a new bit, part of my trolley series. thought i’d finally finished it & saved it. went to load it up on RB & oh, the file didn’t work. don’t know what happened to it but it’s gone of to PC no where land. i stupidly close PS after saving it, so have lost the whole lot! doh! oh well, i wasn’t happy with it anyway but what a waste of about the last 2hrs! :(

farkin' flying ant attack!

i just went outside lazily contemplating shooting the evening sunset…
then this lovely ambiance was ruined by farkin’ slying ants & one flew right into my eye & one flew right into my nostril! argh! that is sooo gross! eww. blergh. makes me shiver with yuck!s
:( pout
stupid goddamn nature. j blows nature a raspberry