bubblers' favourites list...

so all you R-bubblers, i was curious to know what is the largest % of styled work/genres in your favourites list (if you don’t mind sharing)….
like myself & another friend noted if we go back over our list, that there are a hell of a lot of fine art nudes! :D
(not so much in mine but)
so go on, share, what genres dominate your favourites list!!????

apologies to all the r-bubblers today

…i have been swamping the group/s & general feeds a bit, editing my tags & adding to relevant groups. so sorry. just getting back to fixing up only a mere bunch of my earlier stuff, from whence i was new to the bubble.
got more to do but will do it more gradually next time, rather than in two pages or more!!

need massage therapy

got a frickin’ wry neck (again! this is like the4th time in 6mths!) :(
had some physio earlier, on my goodness, that was so good. but, it wasn’t enough!


i don’t have a life, cause i’ve been sitting here creating most of the day & there is very little red bubble activity…where are all you peeps? out enjoying yourselves! shame on you! LOL

copyright issues etc

hey does anyone know the answer to this?
i am curious to know, how artist’s generally, can use well known or famous icons or characters, or images, logos, sayings, or whatever, than obviously belong to someone else. like whether or not they draw or paint their own version, or take it off, or manipulate it or use it straight up etc.
for example: sesame street, spongebob, people – famous, brands, fashion logos, star wars, etc etc.
hope you get my drift.
i am just wondering, how people can use them, do they have to seek permission from the artist, owner, manufacturer, group or whomever before creating their art?


goddamn it, i can’t do any art at all on this pc (my main one is still not working, grr). am itching to do something. guess i could always plug the graphics tablet in & try some freehand stuff. hmm. pout

what a horrible start to the day

amongst other things today this morning…my PC has shat itself & will not boot up properly or at all!!! argh! won’t start in safe mode either! currently backing everything up, then not sure what my IT help is going to advise. although he did mention looking for that new laptop that i want/need (it was on the ‘list’)! is it serendipitous?
hope things go better from here.
been up since 5am, got bugger all sleep. my body aches, my back hurts…. :(
poor me, woe is me. :(
v sooks

my own

website coming!


after a shitty week….i am very privileged & surprised by my lovely husband, who has secretly been developing a website with his friend, for me, for my art work…. :D

it is still under construction but here’s the addy if you want a peak of the beginnings. :)

feeding the addiction

yeh now i’m sure redbubble is effecting my relationships, my health, etc.
when i think i’ve had enough or i’m done with creating something ‘today’, i’m actually not & find a new release, a spark that i have to get out.
what would i do without RB? without you guys out there, you fellow arteests, public..?
i am finding that the creating is overtaking the importance of potential sales or recognition. it’s becoming a compulsion to have to do one or several pieces a day. would i be more nuts if i didn’t add something? i don’t know, not sure if i want to find out.
i have so much more growing to do, so much to learn.
i haven’t reached a larger potential yet….


does it help?

to add blurb to your art pieces? i wonder…

i don’t always have things to say about what i’ve created.
i don’t think art should be explained & i feel it should be up to the individual losing themselves within the art, to figure out what it means to them or what it makes them sense.

my husband mentioned today that he felt ‘core’ was not getting any hits or comments because it looked as though it was just a photo of something that exists & it was not obvious how much work had actually been put into it. he suggested i add a description about the piece, just to reinforce that point, that it’s not ‘simple’.

what are others thoughts on this…do you think it helps some viewers to know your process or what the image is or whatever…

where it takes you

i find it interesting yet odd, the creative process.
today i’ve been working on two bits with no real success. i sort of have stuff in mind but it seems to go no where.
then as i’m about to give up, there’s this urge of new release of energy when you see something. i find the majority of my work is driven by the piece & not what i think it should be.

any body else find that?

addicition appearing

i think it’s happening.
starting to find i am spending much time in this bubble.
my neck & shoulders are aching. my right wrist is developing a callous.
my eyes are red & blotchy.
is this a life?
i dunno but i sure am enjoying some it!
great folks here on RB (pretty obvious without my comments) but i am really in awe & so privileged.
loving the feedback.
loving being creative.
what am i to do.
farq i need a massage!

hi ho hi ho

….it’s off to work i go (& i’m not so merry about having to go back to the real world – even though i have more than enough of ‘real’ here).
no more art today. pout
back to pleb-dom. do my bit.
here’s to a good shift! cheers (i’ll behaving one later)

no longer a 'ladee'

i just realised i’m getting a callous on the heel of my ‘mouse’ hand from all the extra pc work lately…
me thinks i’ll be needing some pc accessories.

get the 'a into g'!

need to get my ass into gear so i can actually do some PS tutes.
need to get onto vector art, plus other stuff. sigh
there’s never enough time or peace.


honestly, sometimes i’ve no idea how i achieve anything where i am…
juggling so much, with so many distractions & general irritations.
it’s really buggin’ me.


got inspired today & have heaps more bits to upload or even get done in the first place…amazing how things just come to you & then actually seem to fall into place. :)
i also tend to find that when i’m under pressure & have to go somewhere or be somewhere else, that i am always accidentally starting something new & run out of time or am then late to said destination. hmm.
oh well, off i go, no more art on here for a couple of days? :(


try to get at least 2 pieces up a day generally speaking…
today i have a ‘block’, as in, have just deleted 2 pieces i’ve put together because they don’t gel, they don’t seem right. sigh
hard to know whether or not i should just finish them & just put them away or just trash em. confused look
what do you do?

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