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don’t wanna

I don’t wanna be here
With him;
The odd spoke.

Be here with daughters, with child.
I am the third wheel.

Where am I to be?
I am lost.

What do I say to my bairn.
How do I love them, without bitterness from the loss of my man?

I am alone.
We; are alone.

I want to wake from this nightmare & recall it only being a dream.
Please, I don’t ask for much.

written by vampvamp.

don’t wanna

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Mesh that once integrated us
Torn asunder.
Wafting in flux…
Tattered links
Lifeless in a chaotic flow
Seasonal exposure
Intrusion detriment
Elusive magnificence mutated & indistinct

written vampvamp.

featured in the every little thing you do group. merci!

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