features - 050512

featured in the weekend photographer! cool!

all the below are featured in the if it doesn’t belong group! awesome! thanks!



That space connecting wake & slumber
Doe eyed
Clouded images sweep transversely through parted lids
Flashes of illumination
Blurred forms

written by vampvamp.

the cockroach

The cockroach

The cockroach sneaks n’ scales
Listens to the walls
Secrets can be ear-splitting
People are unusual
The darkness receives
Scaly sticky feet
Slinking hiding creeping
I see you you know
You twitch
Cringe at my presence
Your dark is no where near as pitch
As mine
I scatter
I zag n’ zag
As filthy
As rich
I hide
But I see you n’ hear you
I am these walls
This dirt
The scum
I am the cockroach

written by vampvamp

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