facebook & redbubble connection - issues?

anyone else having problems with redbubble saying that their facebook is not connection & to re connect it? constantly happening today, i have had to re do it ata least 12 times so far! grr.


  • Jeanette Varcoe.
    Jeanette Varcoe.over 2 years ago

    Happens to me every time as well. Don’t bother reconnecting anymore. Has been going on for the last month. Can’t imagine it is that hard for the computer nerds to work out???

  • lol!
    yeh been happening more so just lately but on & off for a bit.

    – vampvamp

  • Mitch Labuda
    Mitch Labudaover 2 years ago

    Facebook making changes, timeline roll out, etc. On and then off again. I get time outs just trying to login to fb.

  • jhmm.
    you’re on the ball as usual mitch! ;) xo

    – vampvamp