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Valerie Anne Kelly-aka-valzart is an award winning Artist, Photographer and Writer.
Her work has been sold and exhibited all over the world and she has painted many commissioned pieces and is presently creating illustrations for worldwide textile brands and book covers.
While she works in all mediums, she loves the flexibility and limitless expression afforded her in digital art creation.
Valerie is a traditionally trained artist who is unafraid to use any medium at her disposal to capture her subject, especially landscapes.
She loves to observe the world around her and portray it in her heART.
Valerie also experiments in Tradigital Art’ a term she describes as art that combines both traditional and computer-based techniques to produce original fine art.
Whatever the medium or technique,Valerie is a great believer in the healing energy of art and creates art from the heART. V.Kelly©2014

Tradigital Art explained visually – my wiki

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by Valerie Anne Kelly

My children’s picture storybook all in rhyme –

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Update on baby ducklings :D

Well it’s been a joy and a sorrow these last two & half months. Now they have all grown up and I miss them following me everywhere and getting under my feet! They used to waddle around the bungalow peeping everywhere,they would look out of their box in the morning at me (6 am) and what joy it was to see the little peep peeps. Then out in their pen in the garden for the day. Running arou…
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Two of a kind' baby Ducklings

Hi guyz just a little story about my two new additions to the family! / Mother Duck went off and left them so here am I literally flapping about! lol! have been mashing up some baby duck food to give them a good start. They are very cute but oh! so messy. Will pop up some more pics as they grow! They have a pen with pool(paint roller tray) in the garden where they can have a little swim and a sun…
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Portrait - Work in progress(WIP).

Am interpreting the Disrobing of Christ in Tradigital Art. (A traditional sketch enhanced in Photoshop). / The disrobing of Christ’ / WIP 1 / First I block in the figure with a very rough sketch, on a rough paper sketchpad A4 / WIP 2 / Then I spent a good few hours on the detail. So keeping to the style of the Master,sketched the eyes looking heavenward with long fingers and toes(as he…
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Abstract(Digital) - Work in Progress(WIP)

It’s a tale from the riverbank using Winnie the Pooh quotes – It’s called Pooh sticks’ – a tale of whimsey. “Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.” / ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh – / These are the photographs/quotes I have chosen to create this abstract and are the inspiration for this work, keeping in mind we are still on the riv…
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