What can I say… I love art. So many talented people here. I enjoy the artwork here. There is not much to say about me other than, I love art. I can’t say I had any formal training. I guess you can say I am self-taught – a student, until death do us part, of this thing we call life. Feel free to drop me a line, if you like. I won’t mind. I do regret that many artists don’t comment on their work. I would love to read about the momentum behind their piece.

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I received the package and I waited for a week to install it. Painted my first portrait with it. My client loved it. I loved it. I guess I must have put my heart into it. I still haven’t not mastered the program, but I intend to. I am still working on my gladiator with Illustrator. I have a bad habit of working on several projects at the same time. If you are an artist , and you do …
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I am planning to dabble with PainterX. I haven’t received it yet, but I do hope to produce more art using it. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. Dang! It was very expensive. I am working on a piece now using IllustratorCS. It is a gladiator. I hope to finish it soon. I get frustrated at times, because I don’t know too much about using the program. Righ…
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My Art Progression

I am still working on my art. This place gives me a chance to examine other styles. I haven’t sold anything here yet, but that is ok. I am still learning more about vector drawings. I finally learned how to do a line with a true brush stroke style in Illustrator. I am also working on getting a website with a cart. I wish there was a chat room here. so I can ask a million questions. T…
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