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Queensland Floods

I am dead bang smack right in the middle of the South East Queensland Floods, I live about 70KM from Brisbane and 70KM from Toowoomba, I currently have a 2-3KM wide and 100KM+ long River in my paddock, about a 3rd of the 10 Acre Property is under 2 meters of water gushing past, it sounds like a constant Jet Engine roaring… the house in the property below us is under 1.5 Meters of Water and the entire 10 Acre Property is apart of this Massive River… alot of other houses are Stranded and surrounded by Water also… all this Water is coming from Great Dividing Range where Toowoomba is Located, the water has pretty much flooded everything in its path coming from Toowoomba and as they say it is indeed an inland Tsunami, no one saw this coming and has swept and killed around 100 people away, atleast 11 Confirmed dead so far and are mostly Children, around 70 People still missing… All this water has been heading for Ipswich and Brisbane which are currently underwater in many parts and around 6,000-18,000 Homes will be under water… Ipswich is reported to be a 3rd under water and as I type I hear the roar of all this water gushing past in my paddock below which is about 30meters away from me… I have been keeping an eye on the water level and so far it has only gained 5mm, it has stopped raining for the first time in a week and I can see the Stars outside, so hopefully we will have clear skies for a few days for all this water to drain away, as I am Currently stranded on a 3KM Square Hilly area with Mt Tarampa about 2KMs away with no access to roads to any towns… I had to Struggle keeping my Shed from getting flooded from the water coming from the road and hill above the property making its way towards the River below me, the water was lapping over the concrete base of the shed which is about 5-8 inches thick so I had to help the water flow around my shed easier and so the water can move away faster to the bottom paddock… I managed to stop the water by only 5mm so I am dry even tho the Shed was leaking like a siv or is it sieve ? anyway I will have to try and find where is leaking when the weather calms down…

I have to say I am Very Proud about how the Australian People have handled them selfs during this Natural Disaster, People have been helping Strangers, Friends and the Elderly and even seeing shops ripped open and the Goods thrown onto the Streets on the News there has been no Looting occurring like you may see in some other Countries…

I hope the Loved ones that are Missing during the Floods that caught everyone by surprise will be found safe and well, and we mourn the Loss of Australians that have already lost their Lives and hope we lose no one else


    BYRONalmost 4 years ago

    Hiya Arthur

    I am on the Brisbane River about 3km inland from the CBD.

    I evacuated yesterday and I have no idea whether my house is still there or not, if it is – it may go in the next 48 hours.

    Who would have thought it, huh?

    What was with the water in Toowoomba? on the top of a mountain range?

    Checkout this Forum Thread for all of us to keep in touch…


    ps… If you need any help, call me, seriously – 000 We will get to you as soon as we can.


  • Thanks Byron, sorry to hear about your situation, I hope your house was saved ? I hear about 2 meters of water rained down on Toowoomba in about 1 hour, so it all eventually gathered in one place and rushed though the City, and all the way down the mountain it gathered up with other pockets of water so just kept going like that all the way to Brisbane… And thank you for the offer for help

    – Arthur Carley

  • DoreenPhillips
    DoreenPhillipsalmost 4 years ago

    Hi Arthur…Hope you are ok!……Stay safe and dry…..X

  • Thank you ! we were saved that night for sure when the Rain stopped, if it had kept raining I would have been in trouble for sure and so many others would be put in danger

    – Arthur Carley

  • scottimages
    scottimagesalmost 4 years ago

    Hi Arthur, I’m so sorry to hear you’re down there in the middle of all the devastation.
    I’m in Toowoomba and have seen some of the destruction this wall of water left behind, but I know things got so much worse after the water left us.
    Stay safe down there won’t you :)

  • It was unbelievable to see the devastation up in Toowoomba on the News, I would have never thought I would see soo much water rushing though the City 2,000ft above Sea Level… was an amazing and devastating Event that I hope we dont see for a very long time

    – Arthur Carley

  • Keith Reesor
    Keith Reesoralmost 4 years ago

    Hope you all stay safe!! :)

  • Thanks Keith

    – Arthur Carley

  • Arthur Carley
    Arthur Carleyalmost 4 years ago

    Havent seen any rain till last night, about 80mm fell around the entire area and Brisbane aswell, so that hasnt helped the Clean up effort in Brisbane and other Areas… and on another Note im very Proud to be an Australian after seeing soo many people offering to help complete strangers, its really is amazing to see…