barter system

“How long were you in the queue?”

“We had to queue up for an hour for the groceries”

“As long as you know that a small shop only sells food and other things used in the home, so you are here for some groceries? What you are going to buy?”

“Some dreams!”

“Dreams? At a grocery store?”


“Are you mad?”


“Your noisy child needs some attention, could you pay some attention? Why he is making such noise?”

“I know..”

“What do you know? Your child is starving!”

“He’s off his food”

“How you will pay the grocery bill? You are skint!”

“Don’t interfere in what doesn’t concern you!”

“It concerns me that you no longer seem to care.”

(she went quiet)

“You tried to turn your dream of running your own business into reality?”
(but I conceded that my teasing is getting beyond a joke as she did not get the joke)

“I dreamt that I got the world”

“World? you mean this world? Trust you to dream up a crazy idea like this!”


“Are you crazy?”

“I don’t know, but only thing i know that I’m a mother and being a mother I feel a strong sense of responsibility towards my children!”

“Your responsibility of being a mother is a different story but I remembered you were talking about your dreams!”

“Both are exactly the same”

(she was quiet)

“What do you do for living? Do you have enough money to pay the grocery bill? I can lend you some money till tomorrow!”

“Sorry I don’t need it!”

“So you have a lot of money to spend?”


(I saw her clenched fist, she won’t drop a coin. it seems, she is having a power in her clenched fist!)

“Do you want come to power?”

“I won’t have political control of a country or an area, I won’t desire power or to seize anything. I won’t rule the earth or world! I have little and small dreams!

It is not within my power to help myself! I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies.”

“Why don’t you work?”

“No, I don’t work, my husband has passed away last week. I don’t know exactly how we’ll manage it, but we will, somehow”

(she started to weep uncontrollably)

“Oh I am sorry to hear! I just can understand!”

“His sudden death dealt a blow to the whole family. I don’t know how to deal with issues and problems but I have to manage all that without him”
(She struggled hard to control her unruly emotions)

“Please pay some attention to your child, Small children have a very short attention span.”

(she went quiet. her body were covered with weeping sores. she’s seem deserving pity and sympathy!)

“Your child is making a lot of noise, he looks half starved, I know the people who provide food and shelter for the poor, you should go and see them!”

(she did not listen any more as she passed me in the store, without even saying goodbye)

“What do you want?”
(store keeper asked the woman behind the counter)
(Her child was still making lots of noise, he was starving)

“Some milk!”

“Do you have some money?”
(she looked around, there were not any body, only I was standing in the store and the distance was not measured in miles!)

(she saw her clenched fist)

“That the only coin you have?”


“Sorry but it’s not enough to get some milk.”

“Listen, my child is starving.”


“I need some milk!”

“Madam, a thing that has worth, you have to pay money for it.”

“I will pay later!”



“Are you paying in cash or by credit card?”
(He burst out laughing)

“Will your dad lend you the money? Don’t make me laugh!”

“Please try to understand, my child needs some milk!”

‘Oh, you poor thing.’ “I haven’t money at the moment but..”

“You are in financial difficulties, that coin you have in your clenched fist It isn’t worth much but I know how much this body is worth!”
(He whispered)

“What do you mean?” she was stunned

“You know what I mean! This idea is well worth considering! Your child is really hungry!”
(that poor lady was quiet!)

“Keep the door closed! The store will not open for a period of time for the public!”
(The store keeper looked at me and i moved quietly!)

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  • nigelnash
    nigelnashalmost 6 years ago

    wow !…………..moving .

  • thanks nigel my friend! long time no see you! how have you been my friend? huggles

    – Ushna Sardar

  • Gregory John O'Flaherty
    Gregory John O...almost 6 years ago

    Sad !!!

  • thanks Greg my friend! yeah its sad but .. its reality! huggles my friend

    – Ushna Sardar

  • Sally Omar
    Sally Omaralmost 6 years ago

    Ushna, What an amazing collaboration….both you and Shree are so very talented…BRAVO
    TO YOU BOTH…Love & Hugs, Sally xxxxxooooo

  • thank you so much Sal! especially for fav! you are such a sweetheart! huggles n love xoxoxoxox

    – Ushna Sardar

  • kamel
    kamelalmost 6 years ago

    a political humanitary story

  • thank you Kamel! long time no see you! how have you been? good to see you :) huggles my friend

    – Ushna Sardar

  • Romo
    Romoalmost 6 years ago

    wow…very emotive piece Ushna…well done:)

  • thanks Robin! you are such a sweetheart! huggles and love xoxoxox

    – Ushna Sardar

  • Shree
    Shreealmost 6 years ago

    It touched my heart directly…..well with your great command on your words you can surely make someone cry as well as laugh…i guess you did a wonderful job giving my painting full justice and i am glad that you selected my artwork for your story telling. Thanks a lot Ushna for all your favours and help…i will always be grateful for the love shown to my artstyle. Good luck and have some wonderful time ahead.

  • Shree my friend! thank you so much! glad you liked! it means a lot! you are very talented artist! so nice of you thanks for all kind words! huggles my friend

    – Ushna Sardar

  • theyellowfury
    theyellowfuryalmost 6 years ago

    I’m really impressed Ushna, bravo.

  • long time S! didn’t see you and your new work! hope u been good! good to see u my friend! thank you so much! glad ypu liked! it means a lot! huggles my friend

    – Ushna Sardar

  • barnsis
    barnsisalmost 6 years ago

    Wow, sad but true it does happen when the milk could have just been given, why do some poeple have to make life hard for others.

  • thank you so much my friend byron! i agree! yeah it happens unfotunately! hope one day we will see some miracle! appreciate your precious comments my friend! huggles

    – Ushna Sardar

  • kamel
    kamelalmost 6 years ago

    I still here I wrote a lot but nobody read it
    I don’t want to write so much comments about the others
    depends of the mood of my day
    thanks for your word

  • Sorry my friend, not been around for a while so couldn’t see much your work and comments on! but i have seen few and i left comments! you are talented writer so never give up my friend! we want to read you! please carry on writing! we are here to read your written work! stay in touch! huggles my friend

    – Ushna Sardar

  • kamel
    kamelalmost 6 years ago

    I’m not inspired theses days maybe It will come but thanks very much
    for the encouragements thanks

  • yeah i understand kamel sometimes i dont feel creative! it happens with writer ans also with artist! hope you feel creative soon .. many blessings for u my friend! have a nice weekend :)

    – Ushna Sardar

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