An angel needs prayers...

My little niece ‘Sahiya’ became ill. she needs prayers. everyone out there i would request you to keep her in prayers and thoughts so she feels good soon. Thanks.
Ushna S.

[C.O.R.E] Writing Challenge - Currently accepting votes

Dear RB family,
Good to see, we had plenty of great entries from wonderful writers into the challenge. We need your support as…………
Currently accepting votes. Voting will end for this challenge in 5 days. thanks for your input and wonderful entries! Kindly vote here for your favorite writing entry.


As we’ve plenty of great entries from wonderful writers so would want you vote for second and third places as well! thanks

Ushna. S.

1. *"Infinity’s Realm": by tkrosevear

2. An End to Immortality by VickyJaywalk

3. It falls a Gift of Inspiration by C.C. Arshagra

4. Thinking disguised her beauty by ArcadiaTempest

5. Thief of Hands by Kristin Reynolds

6. Signs by *"Matthew…

Core [C.O.R.E] : The New Challenge

1- GREEN’ Facts

Open for entries. Voting will start for this challenge in 13 days.

Let’s heal the planet Earth, create the idea (image-any type) to save our environment, conserve energy and assure that our planet will remain a safe and healthy place to live.
submit your work here.

  1. Challenge began from now!
    Entries will be accepted for two weeks
    then voting will be opened for 6 days
  1. 2

Against the War

Open for entries. Voting will start for this challenge in 20 days.

Many years ago, a German soldier named Karl von Clausewitz wrote in his classic book, On War: “Der Krieg ist eine bloße Fortsetzung der Politik mit anderen Mitteln” (“War is just politics by other means”) and “War is a way of using force to get our enemies to do what we want them to do.”
So is that true? let your mind speak…

Core [C.O.R.E] Challenge: Stages of Consciousness

Core [C.O.R.E] Challenge: Stages of Consciousness- May 17, 2010

Might you’ve heard of a scientific philosophy for personal development and spiritual growth. here we’re going to discover “human beingness in the physical universe” it seems spirituality’s a long journey from maximum unconsciousness to cosmic consciousness. As Stages of consciousness operate over dual time frames. According to the book Power vs. Force, there are several different the levels of consciousness among human beings. Author David R. Hawkins categorizes them as: shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment.
Our current challenge aims to cover all aspects of levels of consciousness.
What you…

[C.O.R.E] - montdragon - An Incredible writer -April 9.


the tapestry
my time is almost
thread threading one day
long ago…
colors so many colors
weaving weave woven
loom looms looming
tying off the knots
i sigh…little…little
…little knots the knotting
coming undone
gathering all the times
of memories

What made him remarkable as a writer is his skill in capturing the moment in words beautifully…
I just picked monti as “An Incredible writer” as he’s really very talented artist and writer! I often amazed at his ability of writing and doing art.
enjoy monti’s pieces of writing that i picked for you from his great collection of writings.

1) static…static…static

2) the tapistry

3) facial recognition

4) red dragonfly diary

5) conscious essence to hear the call

6) The Grapes of Wrath….Schendenfreud Raisins i

[C.O.R.E] :helene ruiz - Artist Showcase

helene ruiz – Artist Showcase

new image:

Showcase Artist Session

Dear viewers here you have the opportunity to ask any random questions to our showcase artist at the end!

  1. 1) What is your most significant work and why?

My most significant work would be my time, heart, clock, transformations works because it is somewhat of my autobigraphy.

  1. 2) How has RB been a part of your art?

I joined Rb in 2007 and have met so many wonderful people here! i love it!

  1. 3) As far as your inspiration, would you say you are spontaneous or do you dwell on an idea before you begin your art?

My inspiration comes at…and usually in the middle of the night, i will just get up and start working

  1. 4) Art, a possible career or a hobby?

art is my religion, my salvation, my medication, my life…

A contrast between the essence preceding existence.....

Just wanted to share this with my RB family…………..

A focus on philosophical thought that deals with the conditions of existence of the individual person and their emotions, actions, responsibilities and thoughts.
The central claim of existentialism and the traditional philosophical view are the essence and sometimes nature is more fundamental and immutable than its existence.
A contrast between the essence preceding existence, and existence preceding essence. The deliberate choice of falsehood regarding self, and the conception of finalities.

Special thanks to Sam Dantone for doing the cover.

Ushna S.

philosophy of perception....

just wanted to share this with my RB family!

Our perception of the external world begins with the senses, which lead us to generate empirical concepts representing the world around us.
this book about the humans philosophy of perception towards life and incidents and instance of occurring.

Special thanks to Sam Dantone for doing the Cover.

Ushna S.

Imaginative Skulls challenge - Bedtime Story with a Twist - ADD a 20th-21st CENTURY element!!

Open for entries. Voting will start for this challenge in 13 days

The Challenge

Ladies and Gentlemen, artists of all ages – the time has come for the First Imaginative Skulls Art Competition. (Trumpets – fanfare – general cheering and hoopla).

THEME: We thought long and hard and decided on:

Bedtime Story with a Twist

Basically take any Grimms Tale, fairy tale, bedtime story, folk story, children’s story, or nursery rhyme and ADD a 20th-21st CENTURY element. Give Dorothy an ipod, or put Alice in Cyberland – let your imagination run.

TIME: Since it’s the first competition, Two weeks should be sufficient. Therefore the competition will end at 2:00PM EST on Sunday Feb 14th (ooh Valentine’s day).

PRIZE: As we are a poor Blue Collar working class group from the wrong side of the tr…

where's jono83?

Benjamin Franklin said, “Hide not your talents. They for use were made. What’s a sundial in the shade?”, We have a great talent on RB but I just noticed one of them is missing! …Just noticed someone very talented got disappeared from RB all of sudden, I was wondered while I couldn’t find him on RB! where’s our friend Jono83?

Core [C.O.R.E] Challenge: paradox - a non-dual truth - 20/01/10

Open for entries. Voting will start for this challenge in 13 days.

The Challenge

paradox – a non-dual truth

Mary Shelley said, “The silence of midnight, to speak truly, though apparently a paradox, rung in my ears”

In this current challenge you have to describe situations that are ironic via any kind of art, photography, graphic, or any random image from your Camera or Photo based mixed medium illustration. but your work should be full of paradox and ambiguity.

So submit your best Image here that depicts any person, thing, or situation exhibiting an apparently contradictory nature, holding contradictory aspects and yet follows logically from other statements that do not seem open to objection that actually expresses a non-dual truth.
so share a thought!
let your mind speak!
good luck…