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Living in the Pacific Northwest provides an abundance nature photo-ops. From the volcanic mountains, providing an endless variety of waterfalls, mountain landscapes and foliage to the spectacular coastlines and inland waterways of Oregon and Washington, the Pacific Northwest is a photographer’s paradise.

My life has always been one of creativity and innovation and I get great pleasure in my photography and related products as I hope you will, too.

I’m sure I speak for all the artists of RedBubble in saying, thanks for stopping by,

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Cafe Projections

This is a rough draft. If you are interested or would like to discuss possibilities email / I began a business called Cafe Projections centered around reusable fabric coffee sleeves. I started by using standard material from fabric stores for the sleeves. But my intention was to incorporate photography on the sleeves and sell to coffee shops to promote their businesses, also. / This journal entr…
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Another Zazzle - Sold

It’s fun when something sells and you completely forgot you had it up for sale. / I Love Oregon – Bumper Sticker
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Silver Falls - The Canyon Trail - The Trail Of Ten Falls

This journal entry is a work in progress. It will take you through the Silver Falls State Park. During your journey you’ll see various perspectives of many of the majestic waterfalls in the park, its fauna, pathways and bridges. There will be technical information and links to external sources. You are welcomed to help me with additions and corrections to any of my data. While not all the w…
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Features - Thank You

Card: Happy Saint Patricks Day / Thank you for the feature Digital Art Compilation / Mount Hood – Through The Trees / Thank you for another feature All Oregon USA / Urban Nature Revisited / Thank you for another feature The World As We See It / Sunset Over Hendry’s Beach / Thank you for the feature The World As We See It / Card: South Falls Bridge – Autumn 2009 / Thank you for t…
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