Lori Peters

Lori Peters

Colorado Springs, United States

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I live on the front range of the Rocky Mountains and enjoy photographing the wildlife and landscapes of this beautiful area. Thank you for viewing my work.

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How To Make Symbols (Like ♥ or ♪)

This is a list of symbols I recieved from someone on my watchlist. To make the symbol, just hold down the alt key + the numbers at the right bottom of the keyboard. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. See comments below to make this work on Macs and laptops. / ALT+1 ☺ / ALT+2 ☻ / ALT+3 ♥ / ALT+4 ♦ / ALT+5 ♣ / ALT+6 ♠ / ALT+7 • / ALT+8 ◘ / ALT+9 ○ / ALT+10 ◙ / ALT+11 ♂ / ALT+12 ♀ / ALT+13 ♪ / A…
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Country Bumpkin Group Featured

I am so happy to announce that one of the groups I host was featured in DailyWrap . I was just notified that Country Bumpkin was featured. Many of you on my Watchlist are members of Country Bumpkin. It is the members who deserve the honors. Thank you to all and to Daily Wrap for the feature.
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