I’m a self-taught (amateur) photographer, previously based in the city of Norwich, in the United Kingdom, but recently moved to London. I always enjoyed taking photographs in my native country, Australia, but only began to take photography seriously after I moved to the UK. What started as a simple goal to improve as a photographer quickly became a passion for developing as an artist as well. I love to convey a sense of dream, magic and mystery in my work, and to engage the imagination and emotions of my viewers.

This is a new account, but I’m no stranger to RedBubble. I’ve actually been using this site for several years, both as a photographer and as a digital artist. Equipment-wise, I’ve previously used a Canon EOS 450D and 550D. I’m currently using a 5D Mark II, and shoot a variety of subjects.

I’ve started this account with the intention of it showcasing the very best of my work, both photography and digital art. In time, I will probably make this my sole account. We’ll see how it goes!

Website: www.ursularodgers.com

Blurb bookstore: http://www.blurb.com/user/store/Ursula_R

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  • Joined: October 2012