T. Unika

T. Unika

Atlanta, United States

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Born in an era where social expression took a twist, T. Unika inherited all it’s creativity.

At an early age, building sand castles and drawing led to art and painting classes. Growing up being near the ocean, a big city, and the country has influenced her spirit, wit, and her art. Mostly self-taught, her oil technique continues to advance and rise to new heights. A respect of vivid color, shape, lines, and an unstructured style best describes Unika’s approach to her work.

Her inspiration comes from many sources. And with music being her other love, Unika, takes the emotional highs and lows of the notes and melodies and interprets them into her own realm of reality. Through art she expresses all that is beautiful in the heart and mind.

As Unika’s art continues to thrive and develop, she is focused on the raw expression and the truth that art brings to the surface of everyday life. And translates her joy and passion for the unpredictability of the human emotion.

~ I’m a Visual Artist who is inspired by music, color, people, and everything that causes continuous stimulation. The imagination is my playground.

T. Unika


All Writing and Artwork by T.Unika © 2012

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