A poet’s hope:to be like some valley cheese, local, but prized elsewhere – w h auden

I am a writer and songwriter, releasing records in the UK on my own little label Treetops Records

Music, and writing, are my first loves. I take my inspiration largely from nature and our interaction with it,but also from our interactions with one another.
for anyone interested in the songs you can listen at the katie winter and for my latest collaboration silkwinders

i have assembled my favourite selection of poems from the last couple of years whcih are published by blurb, both with the option of as an e-book

balancing leaves

the second selection of poems published last year can be bought here

the mice in the straw sack

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writing - where

have been a little absent of late largely because I cannot access during the day and time is against me in eves, and I really miss it. so just now wanted to check in, an suddenly confused with being sent to rb tumblr page. then couldn’t seem to find activity feed. now don’t know how to search for new writing. am I going doolally or gas rb changed, yet again? I really really miss how i…
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laser beam

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missing you

i walked sonny this evening to one our favourite places. we walked to the ford where within/without was written, and i recalled how those years back i was thinking then of my brother, before he became unwell, but his life was ruptured and out of sync. then he got sick, and the years changed, and we changed. when i got back to the car, the day was ending, the sliver of moon was clear, a tractor wa…
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family & friends

growing up with parents that were somewhat older than many of my contemporaries I often felt a bit of detachment from them in the sense that, they weren’t the’ lets play football together’, or ’we’re best friends’…they were just mum and dad. as my brother was several years older, I soon realised that my friends were super-important, and in many ways ̵…
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surrender mine is a simple pain, / and yours, / is yours alone. / but we are sharing the same air, / each day, / each breath. / you switch off the li… the old rose shortening days come, / how they come, / silent knives slide inside, / the death of one. / once kind fragrance hung, / ripening / on the wa… love letters within the tiny world I harbour / grows a little flame, / a tiny light, / barely there at all. / barely there for / anyone to see, / those… rejoice VI rejoice, i hear the swallows skim / and they make their calls thin, / and wide, see how gaily they dance / with so much sense of alive. / n… turning a corner i turned a corner yesterday, / though things are unresolved, / i felt kinship with gravity, / how it leans and pulls on me. / the milky way… giving up on love all signs down, / low swinging strips of lights, / caught up, / the lingering kiss of strangers, / briefly illuminated / by the amusement p… night nighttime brought rain, / slickened the slates, / and dampened down the dust. / while I was away, / we moved silently / through space. / wh… new alone immense, and invisible, / the colossal weight, / hidden by the mysteries of space, / and the distance / that it takes, / to reach or be re… brushstrokes it has taken eighteen years, / and now you are no longer here, / i see where the brushstrokes you made / now also disappear. / i stand here… all is holy by uncleblack mortal we stood outside to view the eclipse, / holding a welding mask glass, / I was not alone as the planet made its pass. / yet as the air grew … at the lookout high thoughts don’t matter, / when you meet the great scene, / with simple eyes, / wrapped in the sweet capture / of the air sublime,…