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A poet’s hope:to be like some valley cheese, local, but prized elsewhere – w h auden

I am a writer and songwriter, releasing records in the UK on my own little label Treetops Records

Music, and writing, are my first loves. I take my inspiration largely from nature and our interaction with it,but also from our interactions with one another.
for anyone interested in the songs you can listen at the katie winter and for my latest collaboration silkwinders

i have assembled my favourite selection of poems from the last couple of years whcih are published by blurb, both with the option of as an e-book

balancing leaves

the second selection of poems published last year can be bought here

the mice in the straw sack

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missing you

i walked sonny this evening to one our favourite places. we walked to the ford where within/without was written, and i recalled how those years back i was thinking then of my brother, before he became unwell, but his life was ruptured and out of sync. then he got sick, and the years changed, and we changed. when i got back to the car, the day was ending, the sliver of moon was clear, a tractor wa…
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family & friends

growing up with parents that were somewhat older than many of my contemporaries I often felt a bit of detachment from them in the sense that, they weren’t the’ lets play football together’, or ’we’re best friends’…they were just mum and dad. as my brother was several years older, I soon realised that my friends were super-important, and in many ways ̵…
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what is going on

hmm, the new layout on the IPad just doesn’t seem to work. how do I filter activity to see comments etc? / this could be a change too far for me. just don’t get it , just changes for changes sake. / grrrr
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the silkwinder story

this article was written for a magazine a last year, but I thought I might share it here with you about one of my musical ventures.. / Andrea’s Musical Journey / Turning to creating something in order to escape what’s happening in the real world is familiar story to a lot of musicians. I’d dabbled in writing songs and playing open mics after a relationship break up, not believing I had much to of…
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fragments the finches all congregate in the / blackberry bushes / at first light. / at the mornings rise, / they take flight, / and shimmy like fair… neither owner nor lender i cry sometimes, / i see your old and tired frame, / and i see the years / that lie ahead of me, / and my name. / sometimes i look for it, … there is no place there is no place / for the low yellow sun, / and the heat it harbours, / or bestows, / not in this part of the day, / with me. / i place t… spring dawn VI by uncleblack over in the border the little windmill / doesn’t move, / untouched by the breeze, / redundant without / the means, / to live. / and the pl… fossil memory i dreamt of someone i once loved, / and who in dark patches i love still, / like the wind blowing over my skin, / cooling, easing and unsee… welcome tidy up around the place, / make mountains of the dust / and put them away, / i will lay out a setting / for your eating / if you choose t… believer nothing new enters into this, / all is here, / the far off calls from returning birds, / not yet heard, / still does not prevent them / cal… new hands we took our time to see, / let our eyes acclimatise, / transferred old love, / and the old faded lines. / we held tight to our empty hearts… post happiness in the universe, / unimaginable, / stars are born and die, / drawn inwards / on themselves, / implode, explode, / become giants. / space f… man of trees walking amongst them, their arms stretched / out to embrace the air, / that flows unseen, / i am nothing and / winter has disrobed them / o… cemetery lights as dusk falls i have noticed the lights / those left behind by loved ones / to mark this place in time, / to hold at bay the full finality …