Another Day__Another Donut

A couple of thousand people turned out to what was billed as an Islamic Human Rights march. The route was from Marble Arch to the US Embassy via Hyde Park Corner. I arrived late again, so had to jog down Park Lane to catch up. London, September 4th, 2010.

*Starring …the usual suspects.

1 One of a dozen EDL neo-nazi scum, kettled by police at top end of Park Lane, by Oxford Street

2 Counter demo of about a hundred EDL and Iranian Green movement at the bottom Park Lane, cordoned of behind safety barriers by police

3 counter demo

4 counter demo

5 passer by

6 counter demo

7 this guy kept trying to break through police lines

8 Main march on US Embassy

9 Main march

10 Main march

11 Main march

12 Main march

13 Main march

14 Main march

15 Main march

16 Main march, Journalist starts shouting after being pushed by police

17 March continues

18 Main march

19Main march

20 Main march

21 Iranian Green Movement counter demo appears from a side street (broken free from Park Lane Cordon)

22 counter demo

23 counter demo

24 counter demo

25 no mans land, photographer hassled by cop (not to worry, its only a canon)

26 Reactions of marchers to the Greens

27 Hezbollah man taunts the Iranian green movement

28 reaction to me

29 more reaction to green movement

30 Actor

31 one for the police scrapbook

32 rally outside US embassy

33 rally outside US embassy

34 rally outside US embassy

35 rally outside US embassy

36 rally outside US embassy

got bored/fading light/couldn’t smell a riot/ …so went home*

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